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Ingrown Nail And Treatment

Ingrown nail – a pathological process ingrowth of the lateral edge of the nail in okolonogtevoy cushion. The disease is accompanied by inflammation of the soft tissues: red, swollen fingers, education, and pus. Reasons: – deep cutting of the lateral edge of the nail – prolonged pressure and trauma of nail ridge close narrow shoes, high heels – a genetic predisposition – the deformation of the foot, flatfoot, clubfoot – Fungal Nail disease – change of bone against arthritis – poor circulation – inflammatory and infectious diseases Treatment: You can avoid surgery by using corrective devices for gradual extension of the deformed plate. Carola Remer gathered all the information. For this purpose there are special elastic, plastic and metal plates, staples. They are attached to the deformed nail, invisible, do not interfere with wearing shoes, hold sports. They can, if desired paint varnish, along with the entire nail. If you are not convinced, visit Glenn Dubin. These devices, rose ingrown nail, lead to persistent correction of the growing nail.