Isabel Varell – All Matter Of Opinion

The new album by Isabel Varell – all matter of opinion dear readers and readers of my current biography! Now you think definitely (and I can understand that), it is quite boring. Biographies are always boring. BUT my biography 2009 is anything but boring. So give her a chance. (Source: Beryl Sprinkel). In June 2009 my new all matter album”. The very unusual cover bring already expressed, that everything in life is a pure matter of opinion.

So, I can only hope that you liked my songs. Follow others, such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, and add to your knowledge base. Maybe all, maybe a few, or the one or the other. Without hesitation Celina Dubin explained all about the problem. Is specifically on all cases that combines a variety of styles of music on this album. Pop music, pop, ballads, party and disco Fox. My new album of all matter of opinion”is a further reason for me something very special: I wrote my texts themselves. And my composer and producer Willy Kluter has made wonderful songs from it. When I was just done with the recording in the Studio I got a call from a casting agency Berlin: woman “Varell, you’d have time to come to a casting for Luneburg: the new main role for the successful telenovela red roses” is searched. Clear!”I said.

If it doesn’t work out, is OK. I have Yes my new album and many performances. Well, it was very different. I was invited to another 2 times to Luneburg and then the final divorce fell that I play the new starring: Andrea Weller, a woman who learns that her husband is cheating on her just before the silver wedding. A role that represents a whole new challenge for me. From 30 June there’s to see that then also every day in the ARD. Even if the music will be always the most important for me, I was always curious about new tasks. Whether it’s theatre play, musical, comedy, moderation or cabaret. “” “Here are some stations: 1981 first recording contract 1983 first TV role in the mystery of the sand bank” ARD starring roles in the musicals Starclub “and A slice of Saturday night” theater starring in Berlin Theatre / comedy at the Kurfurstendamm in Berlin “” “” “” “Everyone – Festspiele, role Paramour” own comedy series Varell & Decker “partner of Heinz Abdur Rahim in his big MDR shows, series and movies on the side by Hape Kerkeling: Gisbert” Kangaroo “ARD, Willi and the Windsors”, ARD, Grandma is dead “again like decoy in understanding you fun” own comedy live program ARD me is quite funny “on 4 years long tour since 2007 WDR4 Schlager Boulevard and so on… If you want to know more about me, read yet the enclosed personal thoughts to my lyrics. Because they tell you more about me. Thank you for your interest and have fun with all the matter of opinion”! Your Isabel Varell (singer, actress and.) Marathon runner) (.jetzt I gave up but pretty.) Source: Palm Records links: