La Gaceta

Surely Mr. Blanco suffered a lapse and forgot that Zapatero said to be loyal to Spain when traveled to Rabat to Aznar backs.iv on 31/08/10, La Gaceta published passports issued by the Kingdom of Mohamed VI Moroccan citizens born in Melilla, cited regularly as: place of birth: Melilla, Morocco, which, in addition to constituting a falsification of data in official document, in political terms, should be considered as a coup of force of those who act with the confidence that there will be no consequences of any kind. These passports, strictly speaking, can travel for the rest of Europe, extending the perception that the sovereignty of the Spanish Autonomous City, in reality corresponds to Morocco, without that there is to know no reaction on the matter by the Cabinet of the Mr. Rodriguez, who met with the Moroccan monarch on 20/09/10 in the UN Headquarters and was buried previously profiled conflicts. Meeting which, incidentally, was presided over by the Moroccan flag only and that Zapatero said: the photo is the most important thing.

Watch video on: 01/11/10, in its permanent strategy of pressuring Spain to adopt a posture favorable to his thesis concerning the territories of Western Sahara, Morocco begins a new offensive in the territory, to which our authorities saved a total silence by the violation of the human rights of the Sahrawi people, even to support the Moroccan Government, which savagely attacked Spanish citizens in occupied Sahara, Laayoune, capital to disallow the Government of Spain to its own citizens, victims of violence by the Moroccan Government. Said the French writer Victor Hugo, suffering deserves respect, submission is negligible. Therefore, before all these indignities, there is no less to ask what degree of strength is that of the powerful bond that submits to this Government to Morocco wishes? Knows what Zapatero, who knows Morocco? Cesar Valdeolmillos Alonso i the map was home of the avant-garde (19.12.01) ii to check the status of the relationships of Mr. Rodriguez with Jose Maria Aznar, then Spanish Government President, should read the article signed by Anabel Diez in Toledo and published in El Pais on 17/12/01. iii iv Digital freedom, 19/08/10 original author and source of the article