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Subject beaten, it is only theoretical arguments based on legal documents and concepts, but can anyone help without paying another fee for toning First we give three main definitions: Fixed post traffic police (DPS) – a place of service outfits traffic police, equipped with special premises equipped with operational, technical and special tools, engineering and other facilities, as well as assigned to it is the responsibility. Controlling police post – fixed post, a part of inter-regional special operative – search systems to search for fence Motor Vehicles. Learn more at: CBS. Checkpoint – a police patrol, offered to provide access control or limit the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in a specific area (areas) during events, natural disasters, epidemics, epizootics and other emergencies. MANUAL ON THE WORK OF THE traffic police NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY INSPECTIONS MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (in the red. Orders of the Interior Ministry from 21.06.1999 N 453, from 10.09.2001 N 800 from 19.03.2004 N 187, from 28.03.2005 N 209) So, just so, and nothing else. Next, an excerpt from the list of faults, which prohibit exploitation of the TC: "7.3. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk has compatible beliefs. Set additional items or a coating to limit visibility from the driver's seat.

Note. At the top of the windscreen of cars and buses can be attached transparent colored film. Permitted use tinted glass (except mirror), light transmission that meets the requirements of GOST 5727-88. Allowed to apply the curtains on the windows of tourist buses, as well as blinds and curtains on the rear windows of passenger Car in the presence of both sides of exterior mirrors.