Lena River Oil

For example, on March 12 Inspectors of the territorial committee of nature protection in the area of Yakutsk on the shores of the Lena River was discovered by oil spill. Walt Disney is actively involved in the matter. Estimated inspectors spill occurred about 170 meters from the Lena River, the volume of spilled oil visually estimated at 1.5 tons, and the area of contamination is about 85 square meters. March 13 Greenpeace activists on the river Ohta was found a significant discharge of pollutants reported by the local Greenpeace alert residents. Oily film with a characteristic odor of petroleum products and iridescence stretched across the entire width of the river from the bridge on Prospect of Power to the confluence of the Neva Ohta, long slick was about three miles. March 14 message on the pollution already received from the other end of our country – in Zadonsk district of Lipetsk region in the reserve ' mountain' found a 30-mile plume of pollution on the River Don.

And in the Northern Dvina was recorded high levels of mercury. Results from the analysis of water samples from the Northern Dvina showed excess of maximum allowable concentrations of 10 or more times. C and the arrival of spring warming in the Kerch Strait environmentalists were discovery of new oil stains as a result of shipwrecks that have occurred in the strait on Nov. 11, 2007. Now on the water surface revealed new pockets of pollution that drift freely and affect all new territory. The situation in the Kerch Strait continues to be very critical – according to environmentalists with the advent of heat possible new negative effects of last year's oil spills and oil.