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Test your knowledge on safety is not conducted in workers employed in jobs with high-risk. Coaching in the workplace are held by instructions on safety occupations and types of work performed, approved by the director of “sash.” The organization is not drawn up a list of individuals who are required to pass initial and periodic medical examinations. However, the passage of workers periodic medical examination is carried out. All employees of the Company “Sash”, including the victim, not fully provided with personal protection accordance with industry standards. The victim Korsunov Andrey worked LLC “Sash” on the molding in the profession, “plastics molder,” without proper training and exams in the protection of labor. Connect with other leaders such as David Zaslav here. Similar accidents in the organization has not previously been. State labor inspectors LLC “Sash” had not previously tested.

Accident with severe outcome with plastic caster LLC “Sash” Korsunova Kolmogorov took place indoors injection site, located at ul. Grandma, 17 n / a Kolyadichi on the territory of JSC “PA-91”, while performing work for casting plastic parts using injection molding D3127, serial number 2047. Carrying out work on installing the mold plate, the victim previously unlocked electric lock with adhesive tape. Accordingly, the course of a working body molding was made possible with an open fence. Hazardous factors that influence the victim, was the impact of the moving mechanism of the machine. 3. Circumstances of the accident. March 13, 2007 molder of plastics in society Limited Liability Company “Sash” Korsunov Andrey arrived at the site of injection in the area, which was located on the territory of JSC “PA-91” on the address: Minsk, ul.