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Made To Measure For The Eye

Glasses are marvels of technology Berlin, 18.10.2011 (PCP). The progress is”not backwards, is a proverb from England. Benefit people with sight problems, because never put so much high-tech in the good old glasses as it is today. True to complex manufacturing processes and sophisticated technologies make the glasses the motto “Any eyeglass wearers individual glass to be” an ever more perfect and more comfortable vision. would be the carrier. And the evolution continues. Longtime wearers might still remember times when the optometrist drew ruler and marker at the beginning of the glasses adjust.

That’s long gone. Today is the exact alignment of the lenses before the pupils with the help of an electronic centring device. Computer-based camera systems enable an accuracy of up to an of a millimeter tenth here when it comes to determine the individual point of view. Such customized glasses bring a significant gain in quality of life. Clearly, in the truest Sense of the word: for centering by only one millimetre deviates from the optimum, loses the glasses already 60 percent of its capacity.

Visual comfort for the wearers fall to the same extent. The consequences are reddened eyes, head pressing, and other unpleasant symptoms. The infamous ashtrays no longer bloom also strongly universitatsallee people”before the eyes. Today, relatively thick mineral glass is the exception. Meanwhile, 90 percent of all sunglasses are equipped with plastic glasses. These are lighter, more elastic and bruchsicherer in short: more attractive than their glass counterparts. Despite its lower volumes, so much knowledge and technology is in plastic glasses. So they take into account not only the distance between the eye and lens, but also the head tilt when reading and the individual eye movements of the wearer. Surprising then, that the production of glasses glass comprises today up to 25 steps? Who for a bifocals or a Screen my computer glasses decides, quasi wears high-tech on the nose. Last but not least the glasses can refine his glasses in various ways, again with the aim of continuing to improve visual comfort. A transparent hard coating protects against scratches, special coatings can be repelled water and dirt as if by magic. An anti-fog coating is activated with a special solution.