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Tourism is one of the hobbies of many people. Travel through that town, city or country meet its people, and soak up what landscapes emerge at each of its corners. In many places this is not possible without a good transportation, especially in those with difficult access or with shortage of public transportation. The best option, therefore, is resorting to the car rental; the convenience and accessibility of a vehicle will be impossible to find it in other transportation. One of the places that are worth a visit is the Balearic Island of Mallorca. The largest of the islands of the Mediterranean archipelago offers everything you want at different times. Calm and serenity in the peoples of the North, tourism of coves in the East of the island or party and progress in the areas further South. Mallorca is so big and has so much to see that it is impossible to know the island in its entirety without a car rental.

The best way to start your trip in Mallorca is where you get to the island by plane, rent a cheap car in Mallorca Son Sant Joan airport. Thus you will save either a considerable amount of taxi, or countless buses which will be especially uncomfortable for the number of users and the little space to leave your luggage. If, instead, you arrive with boat to the Majorcan town of Alcudia, there also you can make use of a rental car, since, in addition, the connections with the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, will be more complicated. And there is one hour of car that, translated into money that can cost a taxi, can reach the 65 or 70 euros between the two municipalities. Rent a cheap car it is, finally and ultimately more profitable to use public transport or taxis. And it is not just the price, also the accessibility to the most touristic places of the island. The majority of the visitors in Mallorca not staying in hotels or apartments in the same city of Palma.

Many, decide to reserve residence in places with more influx of tourists as Palmanova, el Arenal, etc. In these places so frequented, is virtually impossible to make use of the public transport to visit coves or people of interest. From Palmanova, for example, circulating buses to Palma and some other people coming across. But if you are interested to go to the beach of Illetes, just 7 km from the starting point, will have to take a bus surely going foot – and be in approximately 25 minutes. Then you will have to walk and raise a large number of slopes until after 30 minutes more on the way, you can begin to see the unique beauty of this beach in the South of Majorca. The same goes for going to other points of the island. Or even worse, because in many occasions he is forced to travel by bus to the capital for then there, take the train or bus that takes you to the desired destination. In the event that you do not like public transport, nor you can move by taxi for all your trips in Mallorca, because the final price would be disproportionate. Car rental, is therefore the only via can to also enjoy the island in the best way, do it at a good price, especially in relationship to other not so pleasant options for tourists.