Milton Santos Economy

Place as say Ana Fani in the book (the place in the / world) place is defined by the establishment and .or / deepening their relations in a network of places. It is clear that the place is defined, initially as a historical identity that man connects to the premises where the life processes. Studies of places show us independent spaces, which may contain intimate nature at the same time, specificities and the definition for himself. In this way entreveamos the reason that make with things to be as it is, i.e., the place portrays the process of all the lives of every citizen in their daily life, with their hopes and frustrations, dreams and disappointments that are automatically processed in the place. By Ad monograph early and geography and other TCC vision of much relevance in understanding of the geographic space: If says respect for the place with essence of life! It is where factors of action globalizasteis suffer direct impacts, without all, acting a reaction from places. Thus economy forget being human and passes over the top, as a scroll compressor, and go to treat them as mere consumers, losing the humanistic conception that represents the place.

In the same reason Milton Santos describes us: for that the loss of influence of the philosophy in the formulation of the social sciences, whose interdisciplinaridades just for picking up inspiration in the economy. Hence the impoverishment of the human sciences and the consequent difficulty in interpreting what is going around the world, since economic science becomes, increasingly a management discipline of things in the service of an ideological system. The important and decisive interpretation of the place just providing that we reach a wide what is real thought. Can only criticize something that is known! And the place opens this perspective’s adjustment.