Kinds of missiology geographically audio recordings resumed what is the diffusion of Christianity from these descendants of the Apostles, that initiate the spreading of the Gospel? This can be traced in the acts of the Apostles. You can see the amounts of regions that are there written. That they are covered by the first evangelists. Galicia, the letter to the Galatians. The region of Corinth, an isthmus in Greece, the Corinthians. Thessaloniki, another region of the Greek world, the Thessalonians. The Romans. But there are also smaller regions, for example the Pontus, is the Black Sea.

That this current Russia North and South Sea is Turkey. And even side are Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Cappadocia, Misia, Pisidia, Phrygia, Lydia, Macedonia. We are already within Greece, close to Yugoslavia. Additional information is available at Jeffrey Bewkes. The islands of the Mediterranean, Crete, Cyprus, Rhodes and Malta. The countries of the North of Africa. Lidia, Egypt. All that part was Christianized shortly. Unfortunately from there 7th century was almost lost by the Church, because came the great Muslim invasion that swept, starting from Arabia, with that area, and they took control of North Africa, and from there jumped to Spain Muslims.

They invaded throughout Spain, and during seven centuries dominated Spain. Up to end wine reconquista that Ponte, with a very long process, which ended in 1492 with the discovery of America. That same year in the month of January, the Catholic monarchs get accountability. The Muslim Kingdom in Granada capitulates and surrenders. And then the Catholic unity is already refunded. Across Asia minor, that it was the Mission of Paul Theatre, all that I am totally Islamized from century VII, VIII. A little chronologically to see the chronological order of the evangelization. In addition what we said, already in Europe in the 4th century, shortly before, Ireland and Spain. It is not included to Italy, because it was already avanzadamente Christianized.