Montenegro Real Estate

Acquisition of real estate in Montenegro for many Russians, current and glamorous topic for the last time. David Zaslav gathered all the information. Who would not dream get hold of a beautiful house on the coastal area of the Adriatic Sea is not expensive? Be owner of a property abroad – an indicator of your status and position. And what about those who do not want to overpay for it? At the beginning of the decade the demand for property in Montenegro has to grow rapidly. Land and Built on the first line, were sold for a pittance, have cost tens of thousands for a hundred millions of euros for a villa. Real estate companies, offering services for selling real estate in Montenegro has become countless. AND how to make sense? Montenegro – not much of the Balkan country with a population of about 600 thousand people. Obviously, its history, the locals built a very large number of houses not in the littoral. Since the beginning of the active demand for real estate, real estate companies have started to grow in Montenegro with incredible speed.

Many of them were spectacular offices in major cities and countries, even with big name partners. But the situation remains the same – The number of homes on the coast, but mainly on the first line (not that it is long!) Has not changed. And they all realtors to offer customers the same objects, but "under a different sauce." Someone offers 0% commission, at This laying huge commissions in the sale price, someone zaiteresovyvaet other benefits – a residence permit or citizenship in Montenegro. That is why, after spending a little time sitting on the internet – can be save thousands of Euros! The objects in all Realtors are identical (even if these homes are not displayed on the site, it is likely that these objects are in the base of each estate), so holding a simple analysis of the same proposals sites of different companies can identify the most profitable. Successful and profitable acquisitions to you!