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More Transparency In The Comparability Of Credit Offers

This is a new approach to the Creditando credit brokerage providing comparability to decide what is the best financial product a novel transparent customer-friendly business model. Since June 11, 2010, the consumer credit directive of the European Union applies in Germany. This means more transparency for the customer from. So will inform you before conclusion of the credit contract the essential details of the loan by uniform information sheets. To enable a representative comparison of various credit offers, make only one application, obtained several loan offers on a consistent and easily comparable information sheet.

By the simple application of the loan, the customer has the advantage that his Schufascore is not affected by different independent inquiries. Direct communication via the customer portal. The customer receives direct communication paths through the opportunity via his personal website contracts to see print and possibly upload required documents. Creditando has the customer about the online dialog function also at any time the status of the processing to inform themselves about the possibility without lengthy phone calls to talk to. Full control of the own personal data in the login area. Download of the credit documents and upload of documents required via SSL-protected Verbindindung. Creditando provides its customers a unique service as a direct response to the new consumer credit directive. The customer determines himself after he was informed of the credit corresponding to his requirements and needs pre-contractually provides. It is possible at Creditando from a Europe-wide uniform information sheet is the best representative offers to choose from. So is the first step towards a slight comparison of loan offers without even if all banks must make the corresponding requests. Matthias Zotl