Multidisciplinary Education

According to Tanner (1978), the Ambient Education can have a character to multidiscipline, that is, to be integrated to all the substances gifts in the pertaining to school resume and to be boarded in all the educational modalities since the initial series until the last year of escolaridade. Thus, from the thematic ones related to the Ambient Education boarded since the initial series, the pupil could be despertado on the situation of the environment, being able from this, to develop action and/or changes of attitudes before the ambient conditions. The professor at this moment can use to advantage the thematic one and relate the content to the reality of the pupil, creating surrounding where the pupil can deepen the subject of its interest resulting in a significant learning. Learn more on the subject from Jack Hughes. As consequncia of this significant learning and following article 1 of the Politics of Ambient Education, the individual will be able to construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities come back toward the conservation of the environment, public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support. Conclusion: The Ambient Education is an essential component in the national education, having to be present, of articulated form, in all the levels and modalities of the educative process, in way that can develop in the individual action and attitudes regarding problematic the ambient one (BRAZIL, 1999). From this, it is considered, the necessity to intervine educationally for more coherent behaviors with the principles of ambient conservation, being able, therefore to favor atitudinais changes regarding the relation man-nature.