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North Americans

It cannot discard that it, like his Caribbean antipodal Balaguer, arrives at noventas in the power (although now does I castrate it without having its main positions). The Castro ones are boasted of that his leader has resisted 638 attempts of the company to assassinate it and that he also will resist one more decade in palace. Certainly that for the USA the regime of Castro is an eternal headache. The republican strategy is the one of the confrontation and that has implied the approval of a new game of bottoms to develop its fall. Possibly a new democratic administration (if it occurred) could look for a reconciliation with Fidel. After all Washington allowed that Japanese emperor Fixed Hiro stays in the power in spite of to have led to the Japanese empire attacking million North Americans.

Certainly, the monarch of the rising Sun accepted an unconditional surrender and to appear like symbol without major to be able that let to the USA reconstruct its country, something that Fidel would not accept. Obama has raised the possibility of meeting directly I castrate with them or even to stop the blockade and to restore embassies although this last one it would depend on concessions of Havana. Some sectors in the USA look for a wing Gorbachov in the Cuban PC and think that Raul I castrate could lay such way. Nevertheless, the form in which Fidel has designated to his brother as his first successor is something that remembers a North Korea where Kim Il Sung was the first communist leader in leaving the power to somebody of its family (to its inheriting son). For many these it seems a monarchy or red dynasty and therefore a contradiction with the Comunism that announces the disappearance of privileges, inheritances and classes. For liberal it is a sample of the hypocrisy of the Comunism and for the most orthodox Marxists it is a sample that the castrismo is bureaucratised.