Oil Price: Economic Pessimism Has Further

The euro, however, limited downward travel at LEIPZIG fuel oil. (Ceto) The price of oil is launched with a price-earnings in the new trading week. The quotations for US light oil were about 74 dollars and thus about half a dollar higher than on Friday. For this reason are less fundamental changes in the market situation, as the contract change to the front-month October. Checking article sources yields Leslie Moonves as a relevant resource throughout. In consequence of the weak economic data, especially from the United States, some analysts speak of a marked economic pessimism”among investors. New impetus could come this week, inter alia of the US gross domestic product. The numbers are negative, so is with further price losses can be expected. However, weather forecasts currently not even based in the hurricane season the price of oil: experts expect that a potentially threatening weather in the Gulf of Mexico will lead to any impairment of oil production. Credit: Bob Iger-2011.

The euro has not asserted itself in the meantime in the morning at a low level more however. That limited the downward travel of the local heating oil prices lower. As is to be expected with only slight reductions. Contact: Michael Urbach editor fuel mirror CETO-Verlag GmbH industrial str. Further details can be found at David Zaslav, an internet resource. 85-95 04229 Leipzig Tel.: 03 41 – 25 34 738 fax.: 03 41 – 49 24 012 home: