One Cabinet

Its objective is to fulfill the predicted public deficit. You may want to visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes to increase your knowledge. They try to save 5,000 million Euros. The obligatory nature to prescribe generic and the partial reform of the tax of societies will be two of the main proposals. The Cabinet has predicted to approve this Friday a new package of measures against the crisis that they persecute to reinforce the fulfillment of the objective of public deficit, with that tries to save about 5,000 million Euros. These proposals already were announced by the minister of Economy, Elena Salgado, at the beginning of this month. Presided by the j of the Executive, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, this Cabinet will be first who will be celebrated in August after the return of vacations and will give to green light to a decree law that will put under the confirmation of the Congress the next Tuesday in a special plenary session that he himself has solicitd to explain the new measures and to confirm the decree.

Mariano Rajoy, j of the opposition, also requested the past week a extraodinaria appearance of the president of the Government to approach crisis of the markets. New measures One of the measures will be the increase of the advances of the tax of societies, with which according to calculations of the Government, 2,500 million additional Euros will be collected. Between the initiatives to improve the sustainability of the National System of Health it appears the drug prescription as a matter of principle active and the modification of the system of prices of rrencia of medecines. With the obligation to give the cheapest medicine it will save other 2,400 million. In addition, the real decree will also include/understand the reduction of a 15% of the price of medecines with more than ten years in the market and that not yet have a generic one. On the other hand, the Council will study a line of direct support for the retailers affected by earthquakes of the 11 of May in Lorca, Murcia and five million Euros to reconstruct the National Inn of this city. Source of the news: The Cabinet will approve new anti-crisis measures.