Many municipalities in Spain don’t know to take advantage of its historical, cultural and ecological legacy for squeezing their potential as vacation destinations. We perform consulting customized to local councils investigating his past and squeezing their historic potential to put them on the map and give them a claim to its rural tourism. We search for the historical information with business vision to be able to take maximum advantage. Most of the rural tourism offer insists on same areas there is a strong tendency towards concentration, more by real estate opportunity, which by a differentiated cultural or ecological interest. Our offer is to reverse this trend by providing resources and opportunities to towns and areas that do not have them so far.

Once detected the differential element, produce content for Councils: tourist guides, marketing material, books telling the history of the town, among others. The essence of the citymarketing is to consider the city as a product. City marketing oriented its activity towards citizens of that city, towards visitors, tourists and investors. With the marketing of city contributes a: increasing the knowledge about the city. Develop and care for the image that has the city. Ensure the satisfaction of people target goods and services. Increase the attractiveness of the city. Increase the sense of identification of people target with the city.

Strengthening the economic structure of the city. Improve the competitiveness of the companies established in the city. Increase the level of employment. Improve the quality of life of citizens. Attract tourism and business. A city brand contributes to create value and to establish differences thanks to attributes and positive values that are passed to the target audience. The citymarketing seeks to consolidate the brand city through the Organization of cultural, sports and economic events, celebrating historical events, enhancing the artistic heritage, spreading natural attractions or complementary services for trade fairs and congresses, promoting enclaves industrial and geographical points of strategic interest and boosting initiatives related to artistic manifestations.