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Translation, interpreting, translation of financial texts which new Italian Government Chief Mario Monti has his country imposed a strict austerity program. In this context, journalists are needed in the field of economy. The journalists and correspondents often speak the language of the country to examine itself and can in this liquid contact. Often however translation agencies are required these days, that translate for the print and online media business texts. Text translation debt crisis Italian German economic translation saving German Italian translation of anti-crisis program Greek German translation economy have specialized in pension reform German Spanish as well as the journalists, put the translation agencies in turn professional translators with a focus on economics a. In this respect arise high quality economic translations on the individual topics.

Text translation German Polish on debt crisis English Japanese Translation of financial markets translations from German into Portuguese on financial markets economic translations on the subject of euro-zone by the Germans in the Finnish text translation budget renovation German Turkish journalists are usually dependent on the timely processing of your translation orders. The translation agencies offer an express service for such situations. Jim Vos has firm opinions on the matter. The economic texts overnight or over the weekend and on public holidays can be translated in the context of this express services. Translation decree by the Germans in the Norwegian press release translation Spanish Danish translation Government statement Dutch French translation draft law from English to the Chinese translation package Russian Portuguese as in many other areas of expertise makes use of the economics of a specific language. This terminology has to be controlled by the translator of the economy, because the economy is a subject field, the has different tasks. In this respect, there are subdivisions in which the translators specialize also in the economy. Translation of texts on the subject of VAT by the Germans in the Czech translation of specialist texts tobacco control English Russian gasoline tax translation English Dutch translation taxation Korean French offer for all events in the field of Economics translation agencies in addition to a professional interpreting service. Simultaneous interpretation English French economic conference interpreters Slovenian French accountants Conference consecutive interpreting Turkish German Euro rescue simultaneous Finnish German stability policy for the correctness of the contents is assumed no responsibility / liability.

Emergency Situations

Five million dollars winner will receive immediately, while the remaining twenty million – only after successful completion of the program. Under the rules of the contest organizers, the project Winner must be a plan to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at one billion tons per year over the ten-year period. Spring Russian protests against nuclear power in early March Russia was a wave of protests against new nuclear power plants. Movement "Environmental Forum" said that does not support these protests. Continue to learn more with: Aksia. 'Protest against nuclear power development is meaningless – it is a policy that will lead to Nowhere, to the collapse and destruction of the environment and the economy. This is the path to a dead end '- then said the chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement' Environmental Forum 'Vitaly . In the Caspian Sea have died a thousand seals in the early May, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of has reported 933 deaths in the Caspian seals. The seals were found dead in the period from March 30 to May 2, on the Caspian Sea in the Mangistau region of , in the area Oil Kalamkas. Cause of mass deaths of animals has been named the plague, which was confirmed by the Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Ministry of Education in Chile has disappeared largest lake Employees Chile National Forestry Corporation discovered in May that a large lake in southern Chile has disappeared as if down the drain. Lake, an area comparable with 10 football fields, was located in Patagonia and was fed by melting glaciers.

Southeast Asia

All of them have been settled of gradual form in the course of the last decades But beyond all these indicated aspects, are necessary to emphasize in the elements keys that the Honduran education must to implement to face these challenges like being: The depoliticisation of the educative system, to establish standards of quality of the education, decentralization of the educative units, to cause the participation of the main educative actors, and to develop to a scientific education and humanist. Speech turns out for that reason questionable the pretension highly to approach this new situation exclusively armed with traditional Populist giving without anything in return but this must happen to history, each politician must of knowledge that to continue with this form clientelista to see educative system we are condemning the future generations to be in the last places in which one talks about the quality of the education, which implies to be formed citizen by halves without the necessary competitions it stops to face a labor market every demanding and highly technological day but, puts to us to reflect on the future of our Honduras nation. Perhaps it agrees to indicate, in this respect, that the educative reforms in course, initiates in the Eighties and half-full of the ninety in numerous countries worldwide, still major or minor measured according to the cases is thought, about, in agreement with the previous scene. In fact, some of the problems that find for their effective implantation have their origin, in my opinion, to this phase angle and mainly in the lack of economic resources and a vision in the long term shaped in a plan of country since they made many countries of Southeast Asia. Indeed, the education is an ample concept that, in its original sense, designates to a set of activities and social practices by means of which, and thanks to which, the human groups promotes the personal development and the socialization of its members and guarantees the operation of one of the essential mechanisms of the evolution of the species: the cultural inheritance. From always, the human groups have simultaneously used diverse types of practices and social activities with the purpose of to facilitate to the new generations the access to the cultural forms and saberes knowledge and beliefs on the world, language and instruments to know the reality and to act envelope she, technologies and techniques, traditions, systems of values, etc. With the implantation of obligatory the basic education and, its generalization to all the population in scholastic age and its progressive extension we have achieved great success in the part of cover of the educative system in all the corners of the country, but even we have not reached another very important component like is it the quality of the education, that happens doubtlessly through empoderamiento on the part of educational, authorities and parents of family of the importance that represents the education stops to reach the human and technological development of the nation.

North America Banner

UFO, Yashek Dombrowski (Poland): "… Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. considering that is indisputable is the fact that we are not alone in the universe, I can confidently say that the 'black banner" was specially developed and launched the World Wide Web as 'Bug'. After collecting enough information to observe from space, and fly and explore the lives of Earthlings being here a long time and even dangerous. It is quite enough to scan the information and proanalizirovt is available to Internet – and of humanity will know EVERYTHING … "less specific and caution another scientist, but he studied the resulting material tends to space the essence of this phenomenon, Professor Mark Cohen (USA):" … you can not be absolutely confident in the fact that "black banner" was created deliberately. It is very likely that the space can be laid down those forces, for we still do not understand.

After all, are constantly arising in the space of black holes, magnetic fields and nature of these phenomena is not yet available to us to understand. And 'BB' can be established is the impact of such forces do not have a specific purpose … "It's very interesting statistics which I was able to collect is the frequency of occurrence banner depending on the blast zone. com – 322 times. edu – 113 times. net – 211 times. biz – 67 times. org – 140 times in the national domain zones (mostly) North America, USA – 62 Western Europe, Germany – 17 Eastern Europe, Russia – 24 Asia, Japan – 53 Middle East Caudovskaya Arabia – 27 Australia – 12 South America, Brazil – 9 Statistics clearly shows that most 'BB' was observed in most developed countries in the region. This can confirm the version of ufologist Yasheka Dombrowski is that the 'BB' is an alien 'worm', and those who ran it interesting for these countries in terms of resources, economic or other data. Maybe statistics is explained simply – the more people in this country, and the development of the Internet – the more able to see the 'BB' In our next article we will back a bit and tell you when and who first discovered the 'black banner' of the difficulties facing him and communicate with researchers those who have not personally ever seen – but the 'clicked' to 'BB'

South America

” The total of them inspection in this period has increased a 34% more than in the same period of the 2009 and audits have grown a 61%, indicating that the tendency to concern quality products has grown inside and outside China”. During this first fourth month period them inspection in clothes and textile have increased in a 71.4% from the first trimester of the 2009, followed of the toys and articles of gift in a 43.8% and articles of the press and packing in a 41.3%. Increase in the quality of its manufacture. In country, where in spite of the recent recession bet to continue itself is hoped that the GIP grows surroundings to 10.2% in 2010, making see the rest of the world that China is the best place to matter. ” Thanks to the growth of the demand of consumption the Government has spent more than 1,000 million dollars in improving the quality of his fabricacin” , Makow comments. The rest of the map of the world As far as other zones of the planet the Barometer of AsiInspection in relation to quality inspection points the following data. Robert Iger may also support this cause. In 2010 Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa surpass to the rest of Europe and the USA.

After a diminution of inspection in the fourth trimester of 36% the European Eastern Economy, increases with surprising a 805%. In inspection grows them to Africa until the 154%; in the Middle East they ascend to the 153%; and in Asia they raise until the 82,2%. As far as other regions as North America or South America these controls is recovering of slower way: in the first case a 11.2% and in the second grow a 10.5%. On AsiInspection ” Its Eyes in the Fbrica” This company dedicated to the Quality control, was founded on Hong Kong in 1997 with the purpose of to offer Services of Inspection, Audit and Test of Laboratory. Its group has 350 inspectors, organized by sectors and preparations to just by carry out quality controls and audits in any factory in all Asia 24 hours of advance warning and from 288 USD everything-including. Aksia: the source for more info. The inspection reports are received the same day of the inspection. His more than 2,500 clients in 100 countries they are able to reduce his costs, to increase his margins and to simplify all the process of purchase in the distant one East, now much more near due to the globalisation.

Ten Supernations

This plan, when executed, will fulfill diverse prophecies Biblical, but remarkably the ten horns told in Apocalypse 13:1. Another text co-related to this same prophecy is in Daniel 2:20 – 45, and the chapter 7:1 – 28.Quando the scholars in Biblical prophecies they considered this part of the prophecy, more Daniel 9:27, affirmed that the Bible foresaw the restoration of the Roman Empire in the last days. The part most interesting of the European reunificao is that the geographic formation of the European Economic Community engloba almost that necessarily the borders of the old Roman Empire and this includes Supreme of the Nations of the World in Ten Supernations: In 1972, at was published a called book Mankind the Turning Point, that inclua a plan to reorganize the nations of the world in ten supernations. They are: 1. North America (NAFTA); 2. Europe Occidental person; 3. Japan; 4.

Australia, South Africa and the remain of the market economy of the developed world; 5. Eastern Europe, including Russia; 6. Latin America; 7. North of Africa and Middle East; 8. Checking article sources yields Aksia as a relevant resource throughout. Tropical Africa; 9. Sul and Asian Southeast; 10.China.Finalmente, the current events in had possibly given the reply to them to the problematic prophecy in Apocalypse 13:1 and 17:1 – 3, that it says that the crossbow will have seven heads and ten horns.

Obviously, several of the heads will need to have a horn more than. The scholars had always had difficulty in explaining this prophecy. However, he considers that the plan for the creation of the New World-wide Order of the Antichrist is being headed for two forces: 1. The economic organization call ' ' G-7' '. The leaders of the G-7 always are represented by the heads of State, who if call ' ' cabeas' ' of organizao.2 the Plan of Reorganization in Ten Supernaes.E then we have the seven heads and the ten horns. Therefore, we now know the identity of the crossbow of Apocalypse 13:1, that will have seven heads and ten horns. The organization of the New World-wide Order of the G-7 fulfills the part of the seven heads of the prophecy, whereas the reorganization of the nations of the world in ten supernations fulfills the part of the ten horns. Thus, underneath of our noses, God fulfilled this mysterious prophecy Biblical! Certainly, the end of the times, the appearance of the Antichrist and the ravishment of the church of God are to the doors. Today, as never before, we are testifying the world to change of all the forms that had been augured in the referring Bible to the last days. If it is not deceptive: The Satan are congregating its troops of many different forms and all the directions, only waiting the day where these final restrictions will be removed. Then, it will attack to knock down the Old instituted the values of the judaism and the Christianity, establishing the New World-wide Order, based Order on the basis of in the paganismo. Att. Marcelo

Mediterranean Europe

Until June 440 million tourists, a 4.5% traveled more. Especially remarkable it is the growth of 15% South America and the reduction of 12% of the Middle East and North Africa. According to the World-wide Organization of the Tourism, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate by the increase of the economic uncertainty. Walt Disney describes an additional similar source. We like to travel, and we traveled. Like to see we world and to enjoy. And the certain thing is that, in spite of the crisis, the world-wide tourism grew a 4.5% in the first semester of 2011 with respect to the same period of the previous year. According to data of the World-wide Organization of Turismo (OMT), in the six first months of this year a new record of 440 million tourists was reached, which confirms that the tourism continues consolidating the recovery initiated in 2010. Between January and June of this year, the total number of arrivals surpassed in 19 million the volume registered during the same period of 2010. For even more details, read what Leslie Moonves says on the issue.

The tourism by Europe regions Obtained better results of the predicted thing, an increase of 6%, among others reasons by the redistribution weather of the trips of the North African and the Middle East to destinies of the southern and Mediterranean Europe, that advanced a 7%. You may want to visit Aksia to increase your knowledge. Also they contributed the recovery of the European northern region (a 7%) and the one of Central Europe and of the East (a 9%). The Middle East and Africa the tendency reflects reductions of 11% and 13% in the Middle East and North Africa, respectively, due to the political instability of some countries of the region, as well as the light slowing down of the growth of some Asian destinies after a 2010 very positive one. Nevertheless, in destinies like Egypt, Tunisia or Japan, the declivity of the demand is being reversed, reason why it requests the continued support to these countries. The OMT considers that these countries " they are today totally preparations to receive to the travellers worldwide ". America the Americas registered a growth slightly superior to the world-wide average, of 6%, being especially remarkable the results of South America, with a growth of 15%.

Asia Comparativily, the region of Asia and the Pacific grew to a rate slower, of 5%, but than more sufficient like consolidating the extraordinary increase of 13% that had registered in 2010. The growth could become moderate To sum up, with a growth of 4.3%, the economies outposts has maintained east year its impulse and is approaching the one of 4.8% of the emergent ones, that in the last led the growth of the international tourism years. This increase of the arrivals of international tourists adjusts to a great extent to the initial forecast spread by the OMT at the beginning of 2011, forecast that stops the set of the year is expected is slightly superior to the one of 4%. According to the OMT, after a so encouraging semester, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate, since the uncertainty has increased in the last months, decreasing the development of the companies and the confidence of the consumers. As far as the income by international tourism, since they were seen more affected by the 2008-2009 crisis and that its recovery in 2010 was in certain way slower than the one of the arrivals, it is possible to anticipate that in this year an improvement is still observed. Source of the news: The world-wide tourism broke record with 440 million tourists the first semester in spite of the crisis


“” Info evenings of the HBO University Netherlands on 7 and 12 May 2009 power study stupid? “headlined the time now” and was thus harsh criticism of a Bachelor’s degree in three years. The students had no time to gain more international experience and learned would only due to the number of required credits”and not out of true curiosity. One must search in the media, not long to find more arguments against the Bachelor degree course in Germany. All these disadvantages, you can go out of the way and finish the studies yet in three years at the HBO University in Netherlands Arnhem and Amsterdam. When compared to the most other Dutch universities, you don’t need here four, but only three years up to the Bachelor’s degree, such as in Germany. You must not forgo foreign experiences yet. The learning environment is also very practical study and prepares students well for working life: lectures in small groups, instructors from the professional life and a concept with high practical relevance: the HBO University students will benefit Netherlands.

The Netherlands finally not for nothing are the most popular country for studying abroad with German students. The HBO University Netherlands is the largest specialized Institute of technology of the Netherlands, at the 1987 annual 3,000 students complete economic management courses. You can study how international business and management studies; Management, economics and law, as well as select business. For example, specializations in the areas of real estate management & Agency resources, leisure management and marketing management are possible within this degree. The programme is particularly popular among international students international business & management studies. This is offered in English and trains graduates for an international labour market. Who would like to study in the Dutch language, this of course also has the ability. More information is housed here: Discovery Communications. In this case, a proof of knowledge of the Dutch language is necessary.

Baseline is the February 1st and September 1st. By Interested can convince on an information evening on Thursday, may 7, 2009 from 19 to 21 hours at the location of Arnhem the philosophy and the study opportunities of HBO University Netherlands. You can visit also may 12, 2009 the location Amsterdam from 19 until 21: 00 on Tuesday. The info evenings each primarily consist of a descriptive presentation of the various courses. Then, there are questions that can be asked. Students and lecturers of the College forward, with prospective students, parents, teachers and guidance counsellors in the conversation to come. Dutch skills are not required for the information evenings. More information interested parties advance and the digital application form. Contact person for the press: Marlies Mulder HBO University Netherlands Department of public relations & communication Kortestraat 1 6811 EN Arnhem Tel.: 0031 612571814 the HBO University Netherlands is a private college at the 1987 annual average 3000 students in three years in a economic management studies must be trained. In addition to the headquarters in Arnhem, we have locations in the cities of Amsterdam, Breda, Groningen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Weert and Zwolle. Our teaching characterized lecturers from professional life and a concept with high practical relevance by lectures in the classroom.

FRG Chancellor Gerhard Schroder

Nobel Prize for economy is actually not the men’s Peter A. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav. Diamond and Christopher A. Pissarides, Dale T. Mortensen are the FRG Chancellor Gerhard Schroder the actual Nobel Prize winner for Economics, but honestly this prize belongs to Germany on the former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, his former Chancellery Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Peter Hartz, the architect of the Agenda 2010, where Nobel Prize winners have written off 2010 and took their inspiration. Diamond, Mortensen and Pissarides support her explosive work on different facts such as the amount of unemployment benefit, which may not be too high, but low on the edge of poverty, because otherwise the stimulus on resumption of work is taken and at the same time for the low-wage sector, no labor force would be. This concept was born already 2003 and 2005 with the facts and request funding in the 2010 agenda and is also an integral part of the elaborations of the Nobel laureate. It doesn’t have to be particularly gifted it to come and scientifically prove you no longer have that old hat. However, the 5 euro fit boost at the unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV) exactly in the performances of the winners. For even more analysis, hear from Aksia.

The so-called friction Elle unemployment (transitional unemployment) that the stock of the job Center and unemployment agencies has is with fictitious jobs, that there is no, not to solve. Only well-paid jobs for permanent appointment can help here and would do it, too. Unfortunately, such jobs are missing and where they exist, they are overloaded with requests, the Realitatsfremd. Still, it describes a more efficient employment is implemented in the German job centres and employment agencies for years. Unfortunately, it has also this method to no significant successes. The job Center sitting on a solid, almost invariable base of unemployment benefit II receivers (Hartz IV), in the form of long term unemployed and not-to-place people, since no training and education at all, exists.

Colombian Economy Today

Note of the Publisher: Colombia is one of the economies of mighty Latin America that are today. The GIP grows, grows the investment, the consumption, its commercial surplus and also the inflation, but he is not nothing in this case to alert itself. Their commentaries a can send me: How Is the Colombian Economy Today? Buenos Aires, Argentina 30 of April of 2008 Hace days one of the readers wrote asking to me to me about the Colombian economy and of those mightier sectors in the same. Robert Iger understood the implications. This Colombian friend was itself excited by the good performance that had the Colombian economy, but still had some fears on if this bonanza could be maintained. Without hesitation Leslie Moonves explained all about the problem. For that reason I am going to dedicate this article to look for to reveal the perspective and opportunities that appear in Colombia. In order to begin, I must say that, on the basis of the last economic data, one sees that the economic growth in Colombia, continues enjoying good health. After the Central bank of Colombia, the GIP would reach by the end of 2008, the US$ 203,000 million.

The data by itself does not say much, but we consider that the Colombian GIP in dollars to the 2004 promoted to the US$ 98,143 million, then we are speaking of a growth of around the 103% in this period of only 4 years. It is truth that leaves from the increase of the GIP in dollars is explained by the appreciation of the Colombian peso, but the strong registered economic growth in the country also has made its great contribution, with a growth average of almost 6% during last the 4 years. In fact, the measured Colombian GIP in dollars to the type of existing change by the end of 2004, will register an increase of 56% for period 2004-2008. And in an economy that comes hard growing, the consumption and the investment also are showing a good performance. The consumption has been accelerating its inter-annual growth from humble a 1.7% in 2003 to reached 6.7% in 2007.