International Womens Day

On March 8, is celebrated across the world the day celebrated day international women’s. In 2010 the theme is: equal rights, equal opportunities: progress for all. In this sense the President of Nations Ban Ki-moon, has made statements on the matter, in the sense that: equality of women and girls, constitutes an economic and social imperative. Until it fails to free women and girls from poverty and injustice all our objectives – peace, security, sustainable development–they will be danger. Aksia oftentimes addresses this issue. And I’ll stick with the last sentence: progress for all. In a society in which all count as substantial part in its making and its housework, women or girls can stay outside the framework of reconstruction of societies, on the contrary, the inclusion of this genus in society, it is indispensable, as an agent of change that is imperative for progress and social and humanitarian development. (A valuable related resource: Jim Vos). Progress for all. It means redefining who we all are.

We are all in a generic term, all of the beings that inhabit this planet. In this sense, it means that Juanita, Petra and Anastasia, count in this social construction. The construction is an abstract, who compose it are women, men, children, girls, adolescents and elderly people who live in this global village. Those who leave life, experiences and also the dreams and yearnings for a world best. Obviously our appreciation depends on perception. We perceive the world, according to what we have had in luck live.

However, if we put more than a little sense to common and a union with all human beings, we all have to make this a world better. The international women’s day, is a symbolism that allows rethink ways and means, in which the woman is inserted in social and private life. For many centuries women have occupied a very important place in history, perhaps not recognized, but its role has been crucial on social changes and the conformation of life today as we know it.

San Juan Tourist

Navojoa Destinies of Sonant is located in the south of the State of Sonant in an extension of 4.381 km2s, having represented the 2,36% of the state territory and the 0,22% of the national. One almost characterizes for being flat in his totality, interrupted by some hills and lomeros of little elevation, between which they emphasize White Hill, Masiaca, San Pedro, Core, Bachivo and Tucuri. Colinda to the north with the municipalities of Cajeme and Quiriego, to the east with Poplars, the southwest with Huatabampo and the west with Etchojoa. The most important localities of this municipality, besides the head, are: San Ignacio Cohuirimpo, Guadalupe de Jurez, Guayparn, Tetanchopo, Santa Maria of the Buaraje, Agiabampo, Masiaca, Bacabachi and Old Pueblo. Main Attractive Tourist the municipality of Navojoa, located in the narrow strip of the Valley of May, between mountains and the coast, characterized by its excellent climate, flora and fauna that are own of the region, offers excellent attractive tourist to the national and foreign visitors, eg: fishes sport, deer hunting, dove and duck that are species released in the region and cinegetic farms; as well as ecological routes by the mountain range, beaches and the River May. Other attractive tourist ones are the legacy of Indian Mays that are appraised in the festivals of the 24 of June with the celebrations of the day of San Juan, as well as the fascinating celebration of the Easter in the tradition May and the commemoration of the day of died the 2 of November. This municipality counts on 14 tourist establishments and one hotel infrastructure of 538 quarters in categories of one to four stars in which they are taken care of up to 21.009 national and foreign tourists by season; also, it also counts on 26 restaurants, 3 travel agencies, as well as infrastructure of communication channels. Connect with other leaders such as Jim Vos here. Economy With modern production techniques, supports and advising, the producers of the Valley of May have been located between the main generators of wealth of Mexico, obtaining not only to produce the raw material, but in addition, to transform it by means of an industry already consolidated.

History Of Contemporary Asia

The History of Asia Contemporary hardly would be reduced satisfactorily in small space, without a previous clarification of the historical conditions that conform its ' ' evoluo' ' intern is of the European scope, its historical developments, dynamic and processes. Roughing-hew it of the cipoal of particularitities and secondary incidents characterize that it, however, she will try herself to only show general lines and already sufficiently known in a panoramic study of the subject. Jim Vos may not feel the same. Still more for being about so ample a space clipping, heterogeneous constituted of populations not little you go off between itself (far from consisting an only simplified block ' ' oriental' '), it will not be possible to detach much more of what ' ' it jumps to olhos' ' in a survey of its main lines of force in the cited period. The main thematic axle for which the occidental studies had approached the history of Asia, in centuries XIX and XX, turns around the European domination and of the expansion of imperial ideology neocolonial on the eastern countries. This study it will not be moved away from this visceral question, but it will so only try to point alternative ways.

This dominadora ingenuity, when producing a type of speech ' ' viciado' ' for the geopolitical interests of the Europe, it contributed to construct an apological history of the European development established in the expansion ' ' civilizacional' ' of its diffusing centers that, since remote times (the least since the Renaissance), already airs of superiority and sped up economic and military growth esbanjavam illustriously. Without intending, as it was said, to turn aside itself viscerally from this traditional narrative, whose critical contraposition already becomes to assume in the incipient workmanships of revisionist historians, he is sensible soon to stand out its structural limitations. It is not only tending to detratar the historical past of these societies ' ' orientais' ' , whose advances in the fields economic, to militate and cultural leave to see indistinctly its particular brilhantismo, as also it neglects a withheld vision more of its description-cultural particularitities in the related period, relegating its diverse way of life to the pejorativo stigma of ' ' extico' ' , of ' ' diferente' ' , of irreducible ' ' barriers geogrficas' '.

Thomas Paine

Or it is for political, religious or economic reasons. Some escape from something and others are looking for something. But which escaped goes looking for and seeking va escaping from something else. Cubans on the island thrown in the water apparently for political reasons and the Dominicans are thrown overboard for economic reasons. Of course, U.S. (A valuable related resource: Jim Vos).

soil receives them Cubans who tread as heroes and with the legality; chasing them to others as criminals to do the same. But I doubt that political reasons do not include economic reasons and economic reasons do not include political reasons. Is not a political reason that sets economic privileges in a country? The same thing happened with the Europeans and Asians who populated the Rio de la Plata, our grandparents. The immigration is always a long, soft and slow tear that never heals. Europeans escaping from a sick, intolerant and impoverished Europe and, consequently, would our lands idealizing freedom, tolerance and economic opportunities. Time Warner can provide more clarity in the matter.

But in the idealized America, the America of the South in our case, were with a rather more realistic reality. Whenever Jeffrey L. Bewkes listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Not only was the product of dreams a reality and diseases of Europe but that the immigrants, as any immigrant, when he emigrated carries in his bag and his chest everything of what escapes. More or less that is the problem of the Queen of America, a paradoxical title, of course, which is finally recognized when the Spanish upper class young ends his days in prostitution and violence to suffer domestic, public and political. Your articles are constantly evaluating and analyzing the social system Latin American, or European, or American. You are a critic of society, their culture and their Governments. Yes. The power does not need to defend it. In addition, all power that exercises one social group over others is held on the basis of lies, since it is in its nature ensure that those without him or those who suffer are the first to defend him, at times with a fanaticism that is called common sense, moderation, path of the environment, etc. So I’ll stick with the old definition of Thomas Paine: the Government is a necessary evil. But an evil in the end.


Africa is a balkanized continent?, B. Ben Yahmed wondered since its indisputable authority and prestige. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey L. Bewkes or emailing the administrator. The problem is by the absurd inclination to admire the greatest and the most expensive. Similar to many confuse value with price, not a few are still yoked to the sophism that much more better; instead of how much better, more. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Aksia by clicking through. Balkanization we understand the situation that this region of Europe was when it was dismembered arbitrarily, because of ethnic groups, religions, or periclitados nationalism.

Both under the Empires Russian, austro Hungarian, German or Ottoman, as well as with Yugoslavia, there is a bleeding wound. They say that Africa is too divided and that is why it is so vulnerable. The powers colonizing made a cruel distribution of peoples and lands in accordance with their economic interests and their desire for power. There are the proceedings of the Berlin Conference of 1885 dividing the great continent like a cake. There is more to contemplate a map that looks like crazing bevel and Plumb. And esa predation with the consent of European religions that are supported in the force to civilize, christianize and open to (European) markets while they squatted in the consciences of people who had traditions and worldviews, in many respects, broader and more open than the of the imported monotheisms. That’s the load white man’s claim to save everyone, whatever.

I heard it at the top of the parent white: to be able to explain the need for redemption before we had to convince them that they were in sin. But we come to the data. Both America and Europe, including Turkey, have a population of Africa, close to one billion inhabitants. America has 35 countries while Europe 46. 53 Africa. Asia is divided into 47 countries but its population exceeds four billion.

Europes Problems

Europe’s problems are opportunities for Latin America far from alleviated, the problems on the European economy seems to be expanding. The crisis in Greece is now also a social crisis, while fears of contagion (economic and social) over other European countries in trouble (especially, the rest of the PIIGs), are causing that Jean Claude Trichet scan seriously monetizing the debt of this group of countries which would imply a negative impact for the euro. This situation, beyond the logical fears which can result in Latin American economies by the negative effects that could receive through the financial channel and the real, can be exploited to attract investment. Jim Vos has much experience in this field. The region has an interesting growth potential supported, among other factors, on the transformations of the world economy that have driven demand for commodities that the region exports. Is that the crisis in Europe shows that these economies will no longer be the solid thing that used to be and its attractive for investors has waned as arose in the world other regions with attractive as it is the Asian continent (with China at the head), and a Latin America this time Yes, promises to take his opportunity. Perhaps the impact of the situation in Europe is a stimulus to go outside.

Recently Portucel expressed its intention to keep interest in the investment project in Uruguay that would be the largest in our history, recognized the Vice President of Uruguay, Danilo Astori. Check with Robert Iger to learn more. The Portuguese Portucel evaluates the possibility of building a cellulose factory and a port in the East of Uruguay. With this investment, the Portuguese company would install a trash can that would be greater than the conflictive Botnia, which has brought him more than one headache to Uruguay by the reaction of Argentine citizens to its fitting to the Uruguay River. Although, as it realizes ECLAC, 2009 has been a bad year for the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin America (in reality has been a bad year of FDI in the world), when it recorded a fall of 42 per cent reached USD 76.681, this international body already anticipated that you expected an increase of foreign investments in the region of between 40% and 50%.


Despite the difference in the volume of cuts, the main friction is now in the duration of the agreement. The Republicans are willing to accept only a short term plan, which would lead to a new decision on the debt ceiling early in 2012, the year in which presidential elections are held. The Democrats are opposed, as has said President Barack Obama, who will seek re-election in those elections, since they consider essential for the economy to raise the debt ceiling by a substantial period of time, at least until 2013. Comprehensive and balanced agreement in recent days, the White House seems to have taken some distance, after a speech to the nation last Monday in which Obama warned about catastrophic consequences for the American economy not to raise the debt ceiling and called for a comprehensive and balanced agreement. In his regular daily press briefing, Jay Carney, spokesman for the White House, said that what is lacking is not time, but willingness to reach an agreement. However, Carney reiterated his confidence that you will reach a solution before August 2 and will prevent unpaid, because much is at stake. For his part, markets continued showing his growing doubts with the fall of Wall Street from a 1.59% at the end of the day, the new record gold prices, the weakening of the dollar against Asian currencies and the threat of revision of the debt rating from the as Standard & Poor s and s. Aksia pursues this goal as well.

Moody However, Deven Sharma, President of Standard & Poor s was cautious today in a hearing before Congress stating who believes that U.S. would avoid falling into a suspension of payments and that, indeed, the greatest risk to the country is long-term debt. According to several Wall Street analysts have pointed out, the reduction of the maximum U.S. credit rating could make raising rates of Treasury bonds between six and seven tenths of a percentage point that would add 100,000 millions of dollars a year to the s interest on us debt. In addition, interest rates would skyrocket for American consumers, with the consequent negative cto about the economic recovery.

Democracy Or Freedom

As King Abdalah II mentions, democracy means different things for different towns. For slowst and authoritarian, democracy is only an electoral process. (Not to be confused with David Zaslav!). For the most advanced, the elections are the beginning of the democracy. Aksia understands that this is vital information. In Latin America during last the 25 years, all the countries – with exception of Cuba they entered in a period of relative democratic stability, but the freedom is staggering because freedom with libertinism is confused. is allowed that any group – in many simple cases formed by patoteros- it does what it comes to him in desire. Since there is no moral authority in the governors to repress with the law to those who alters the newspaper to live on the population or, in some cases they are the own governments whom they urge the chaos later to appear like the rescuers, each does what wants. There were times – in military dictatorships of rights in which security worked peacefully and, the laws were fulfilled, was respected to the authority, but there was no free political exercise. In contrast, today freedom exists policy and of expression – every time more threatened in countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia-but does not exist security, the work is unstable, the economies are not solidified, I handle of the power is egoistic and opportunistic, and hypocritically, while the governors speak of elections, they look for to remain in the control of by life.

With the promise to become position of the needs of the town – in places where people feel incompetent against her Asian pairs, North American or European the authoritarian Populists negatively seduce the masses doing to them to lose their right to the self-determination. Sigmund Freud said: the majority of people really does not want freedom, because the freedom implies responsibility, and the majority of people is scared to the responsibility. The Paternalistic State when monopolizing the economic instruments, defines the individual of the responsibility of the work, that takes with himself the one of being free and to confront independently to the world.

Indian DVD Million

The Indian film industry dares the film which tells the story of the tetraplejico Ramon Sampedro, won an Oscar. Some scenes filmed in the India are an exact replica of the original film. The Galician meadows are replaced by the exoticism of Goa. Checking article sources yields Coen Brothers as a relevant resource throughout. To seaward, Academy Award winner film filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar, him has emerged a clone in the India signed by Bollywood, the film industry hindu, famous for his skill in copy successes in Western cinema. History tetraplejico Ramon Sampedro and their struggle to be granted the right to die has found in Guzaarish (plea) a twin brother, portrayed in fiction by a prestigious magician Ethan Mascarenhas, who, after suffering an accident during a show, starts a fight by euthanasia in the courts of his country. The similarities between both films go beyond simple inspiration, and some scenes of india are an exact replica of the award-winning Spanish film. An example is the sequence in which, in Seaward Ramon Sampedro goes to the courts to dnder its position against euthanasia; in Guzaarish, calca mode in which Ethan Mascarenhas is received in the tribunal by journalists, the rejection of the judge to speak or how, on the road, is recreated with the landscape and the people of the place.

The only difference is that Galician Meadowsweet are replaced by the exotic lands of Goa, South of the India, and that the protagonist is moved on a luxurious convertible, not, as Sampedro, a humble van. Guzaarish, with a budget of 750 million rupees (11.7 million euros/16.5 million dollars), raised $ 294 million rupees (4.5 million euros/6.3 million dollars), representing an economic failure in a country of 1.2 billion people. However, six months after its premiere, Guzaarish occupies a position privileged in Indian DVD sale stores, where they said industry sources is a blockbuster.


We can perceive two great interests gifts nesseperodo. The first one is the desire of the European crowns in intensifying processode extration of natural resources, as well as consolidating the conquest. As aboriginal intention in reorganizing its society assuring its future. Under most conditions Joel and Ethan Coen would agree. This form of aboriginal resistance stops in such a way with the existing muitasadversidades in America for the epidemics how much for obligatory ostrabalhos it made with that in a long process a period existed demestiagem that was of extreme importance for these peoples who estavamadquirindo each time more forms of protection that years circa had lost in the evoluohistrico – biological consequence of a process of isolation of de40.000. This idea talks with the ticket: For a moment (1545 – 1570 approximately), trataron derecuperarse del woollen trauma conquest y in the obstante all wools presiones, eltributo, el trabajo forzado y wools epidemics, lograron one desarrolo economic ycultural natable. It’s believed that Aksia sees a great future in this idea. 20 Of the cultural point of view, had existed some resistnciasrelevantes, as cultuais elements par excellence, as it is the case of the language exactly quepermaneceu to the shock and cultural impositions proceeding from contatosentre the Europeans and the peoples autctones. These forms of preservation of the culturaindgena, as qucha was the case of the languages, nuatla and aymara had been of extremaimportncia, therefore they strengthen the cultural identity of one determined people eajudam in the reminiscncia process the diverse aspects adversaries, as forced acatequizao. Such thought comes of meeting with the stretch: ' ' Apartir of these islets was – reconstituting to a povoamento locale they had little by little conserved the aboriginal languages, qucha, nuatla and aymara, etc.' ' 21 This long process of miscegenation made with that little I diminish if establishes in the peoples indians resistncias against diverse patgenosagentes of devastadoras illnesses. This union between these many etnias (indians, blacks, Europeans and Asians) will be a species of ' ' adaptation ndia' ' to the shock between sufficiently different cultures.