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EP through this initiative, the three companies and the XpanD manufacturer are aimed at universalizing the market of active 3D glasses. The first product of this union models will be available in 2012. Other leaders such as Rupert Murdoch offer similar insights. The technology Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and XpanD manufacturer have come together to agree on a standard 3D active glasses that can be used in players of any of these marks. The Full HD Glasses Initiative lays the groundwork for the creation of new lenses that allow viewers to perceive your television with 3D by Bluetooth or infrared. With this new agreement, explains the communique, quoted companies work jointly in the development and licensing of radio frequency of the system of active glasses for 3D technology.

The agreement includes protocols for the operation of the active 3D glasses with supports of audiovisual reproduction such as televisions, computers, projectors and other 3D scenarios that use the XpanD technology. Through this initiative, the four companies are intended to universal active 3D glasses market. Glasses that use Active 3D technology enables consumers to obtain an image quality Full HD in three dimensions, as well as greater freedom of movement thanks to Bluetooth technology. Active 3D TVs, unlike liabilities, show a complete different image to each eye, and sends a signal to the glasses so that they obstruct the vision of one or another eye of synchronously. We hope 3D standardization initiative to assume a significant contribution to accelerating the growth of the 3D-related products, explained a manager of Panasonic, Masayuki Kozuka. According to the NPD Group, active 3D technology recorded this year 96 percent market share of all 3D television consumption in EE UU. This initiative will help provide the clearest and immersive experience for consumers purchasing 3D technology, explains Vice-President of I + D team of Visual Display Samsung Electronics, Chae Jurack. This agreement will start in This September, date in which will begin the development of new standards for 3D glasses, added the statement. The first product of this union models will be available in 2012, and are intended to be compatible with models of 3D television in 2011?. Source of the news: Panasonic, Sony and Samsung agree to the creation of a standard for 3D glasses