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Patrick Spray RS 70 In Top 3 Of The “novelties Of The Year 2013”

One of the highlights of this year’s EuroTier represented the rumen stable fat powder additive ANTONE spray RS 70 of the company BEWITAL. With the novelty of the year 2013 “the agricultural producers of the dlv drew German agricultural Publisher on Thursday evening, November 15, 2012, the top animal meeting in Halle from 27 special innovations: exhibit products or services which were shown for the first time at the fair in Hanover, and Furthermore, unique solutions for the animal husbandry and production. The rumen stable fat powder ANTONE spray RS 70 feed in the top 3 of category “elected. Click Discovery Communications for additional related pages. That reinforced the company BEWITAL countryside in the perception of a novel feed to have developed that meets the current demands of agriculture. ANTONE spray RS 70, BEWITAL countryside offered a unique fat powder made from domestic raw materials (rapeseed oil) which allows the energy gaps in high-performance cows. You may find that Glenn Dubin can contribute to your knowledge.

This high-quality source of energy is especially suitable for dairy farms, quality programs such as country love o. similar to participate. Based on traditional rations (grass, corn, feed), it is hardly possible to realize milk benefits beyond the 8,000 kg / year. This is achieved only with a further appreciation of energy that previously was not possible with quality programs based on regional food raw materials. Previous high energy concentrates for the area of dairy cattle feeding come from sources outside the EU (Palm oil, soybean oil). To use of this feed for appropriate quality programs eliminated.

ANTONE spray RS 70 meets the requirements of quality programs and therefore this gap. Through the allowance of ANTONE spray RS 70, it is the concentration of energy in the TMR to up to 0.6 MJ possible increasing NEL per kg dry weight, without the feed and thus to alter the rumen compatibility of the ration. Patrick spray RS 70 countryside in Sudlohn Oeding is produced at the site of the company BEWITAL. Inform you are intense about this product?