PE In Brazil

Therefore it is not to toa that the Brazilian esportivo model of the priority the performance and to the income, in the well-nourished, well-endowed measure where if it destines to a clientele of and with excellent material conditions. In middle of years 70 the Law was sancionada that institua Politics and the National Power of Physical Education and Sport, disciplined and organized the System National Sport creating the call esportiva pyramid that had as scales the great mass of practitioners (scales lesser) until a quality and to the elite technique (top) with the objective to extend the benefits of the practical esportiva to the common citizen directing it searchs them it of the olmpica medal (GRANDSON, 1993). It is in this phase that the income sport reached its height in the public schools, being selected most adept and excluded those that did not have the abilities you specify for the practical one of the sport. This conception shows clearly the tasks that were presented the pupils: the gesture repetitive technician, the ready rules, finished, where ' ' atletas' ' they had that to the same execute them at the same time and the rhythm, being thus disdained the knowledge that the child had constructed, imposing distinct values to them of its reality (DARIDO, 1999). However, it appears from years 70 appears a concern with series you initiate of basic education, in regards to inicializao of the knowledge on the Physical Education, in the direction to have one better income in the school. 2.3 The Physical Education and the new thinkers: the critical one to the sport in the school With the end of the authoritarian regimen (1985) appears new researchers with its boardings and conceptions for a new pertaining to school Physical Education. The conception of the Psicomotricidade was the first a if to oppose what he was considered in the esportivista Physical Education of the time. .