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In Huancavelica, in the central highlands city of Flores, the family resides. Aquilino When his father died was 12 years old, the eldest son of Flores decided to emigrate. Therefore travels to Pisco. Start Apana (collecting) cotton pawn His work leads him then to Chincha, Canete and finally to Lima. Discovery Communications brings even more insight to the discussion. One day he asked the vendor if he could make poles with color figures, which were the favorites of their clients.

and did not make clothes like that printed, Aquilino subcontract to informal dyer for adding ornaments and pictures to sell T-shirts. The expansion Success smiles so that soon buy a sewing machine. Begin to develop their own clothing, then decide to extend a half-dozen of these machines. As the business worked well, Huancavelica Aquilino brought his brothers Manuel, Carlos, Marcos and Armando and put them to work with. From street vendors to be traders became stable after the Central Market. The big jump The big jump Aquilino Flores craft business began the day a merchant outlet, the border town between Peru and Bolivia and paradise of smuggling and the informal economy, we placed an order for ten thousand dollars of T-shirts with drawings of colors! Immediately, all subcontract sweatshops in the neighborhood and working at top speed came to deliver the ten thousand dollars of poles within the time promised.

In 1966, the Flores brothers organized the first workshop of knitted garment. It begins to dye the fabric because providers do not offer the variety of colors they need. In 1982, they decided to invest in the first part of the bookkeeping process.