Plastic Teaching In Upper Austria, Austria In The Rise

It is difficult to know what you would like to become, with 14. As a future-oriented training is required. Of the about 130,000 Austrian apprentices are alone approximately 27,500 on Upper Austria and that means 1st place ranking in Austria. Total 205 professions to choose from are the young girls or boys. While the girls score retail, office clerk and hairdresser, building technology, electrical engineering, automotive and installation – make the race at the boys. You’ve seen all of these professions. But there are other exciting education priorities with top prospects. The plastics industry provides well-paying jobs and especially on long secured.

The material plastic offers young people currently two exciting professions: the plastic molding (3 years apprenticeship) and the plastics technology (apprenticeship 4 years). The confrontation with new raw materials and methods makes the training always varied and keeps them interesting. The applications of the plastic are virtually unlimited. Whether in the snowboard, in mobile phones, vehicles or medical material plastic is regarded as the material of the future. After the completion of the apprenticeship, the matura is possible and then all ways are open to one: by the skilled workers up to university graduates. The young people go partially with other expectations in a training communicate on the same level as she does the employer. Therefore, conscientious probing and targeted information retrieval in advance is becoming increasingly important.

Young adults have the need for authentic and honest information about the training. You want an exchange of views on an equal footing. And we allow that now with the facebook page plastic doctrine, which does just that. Of varied content range of exciting projects from the industry, stimulating discussions to training details”, the Chairman of the professional representative ing. Franz Zitta on stimulating exchanges forward. Oo: the 34,000 employees in 220 companies of the Upper Austrian generate total plastic stronghold. Plastics sector a turnover of 6.7 billion euros. It used average investment in research & development. As one of the most successful and economically strongest industries of Upper Austria, the plastics industry offers many career opportunities for innovative-minded people. We see it as our youth commitment to provide the best educational opportunities and put much energy into the apprenticeship training. Our dynamic industry needs young, well-trained employees. We offer exciting learning paths, which are well paid and secured on a long time,”draws attention to chair the trade representative ing. Franz Zitta on the training focus of.