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More and more restaurants and fine hotel kitchen go to the quality offensive. Recession creates in the minds of the people. Black painting, media pinging and much hyped excitement shall ensure that the consumer appetite shrinks. Headwinds last but not least censured since the introduction of the euro again and again for high price jumps felt also the gastronomy industry. Actually only a cool head and clear look for the right marketing helps in hot phases. \”Because even in the gastronomy there are at least a trend which still always well developed: bio\”.

German food trade sold organic food, about 20 percent more compared to the previous year in 2008 for as much as 1.77 billion euros. Especially 50 years expect the naturalness in food today more life, but above all. Trend restaurateurs have realized where the journey leads. Organic food insert already over 80 percent of the companies in the hotel and catering industry. It shows a current non-House-market study (CHD). Bio\”is a decisive argument to promote the gastronomic offer and the culinary meets exacting standards of the visitors of restaurants, hotel restaurants, bistros and brasseries.

Organic raw materials now successfully employ just over 60 percent of the chefs to serve the special guests. Creative marketing makes organic\”but more: refined dishes on the menu are described as smart. Speaking candidly Celina Dubin told us the story. Tempting name, alluring attributes, and a magic hand in the selection of optical Nordschleife Tickle out and in a spiritual sense the best ever the palates of the guests. Web sites that are not only pretty to look at, but also offer an additional benefit, inform and strengthen the image of the restaurant, advertising flyers and gastronomic actions complete the marketing gimmicks, to find the necessary encouragement for gourmet lovers and friends of good food even in times of clip purses. The perfect kitchen today but not only superficially presented bio\”, but down to the smallest detail so as consumers want: 58 percent of all restaurants use even bread and bakery products in organic quality.