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Powerful Words

The words that we used have a deep effect on our self-esteem, as well as to give or to clear value to which we do. *NUESTRO LANGUAGE FORM OUR LIFE AND ENCHANTS OUR PENSAMIENTO* Albert Einstein STEP 1: THE LANGUAGE CREATES REALITY Example: He is not the same to say: 1. I will try to do it that 2. I will do it anyway, some form I will find. Option 1 predisposes to you to act by halves and to conformarte, option 2 impels to see more possibilities to you.

All the answers to our questions are in our interior; our brain never rests, everything what we needed to do is TO FORMULATE the suitable questions and the answers will arise from the wisdom of our being, and in that eagerness the construction of ours language helps us very many. Also, following the thread of the previous example, we can see that the EMOCIONALIDAD that IS GENERATED from the second phrase is different that in first, since, the second speech of a PREDISPOSITION and DETERMINATION, that they impel to you to take ACTION and that same disposition WILL DO THAT the BRAIN APPROACH in FINDING SOLUTIONS and POSSIBILITIES, haciando to us TO FEEL more effective. STEP 2: TO SEE THE WORLD LIKE OUR CREATION, THE CREATION OF OUR WORDS What words are creating the world in which you live? What words usually you use for explicarte your own life? Whereupon new words you would like explicarte the life? What would express your words if you were already that you wish to be? *NO WE SEE THE THINGS AS THEY ARE, BUT AS SOMOS* The Talmud To make us responsible for the personal world that we lived means to accept our power of creation of ralidad from the word that we chose TO SAY.