Prague Property

Increased demand for the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic has created a new service in our company, expert assessment and all kinds of analysis of the property in the Czech Republic. What it is? A comparison of prices over the past two or three years, growth rates on an object in Prague or the Czech Republic who liked the client and you want to purchase. Analysis of the growth rates of five years ahead, given the previous period, the conjecture Czech real estate market and pan-European real estate market development in general. The calculation of return on real estate in the Czech Republic in the event of his lease. Calculation table utilities, the cost and level of increase and decrease in prices in the Czech Republic over the past ten years. Pay back the property at a Czech bank mortgage lending and leasing facility purchased in the mortgage.

Full calculation redemption value of the mortgage loan in the Czech Republic. Preparation of the annual cost-benefit analysis on any property on the basis of average costs of the Czech real estate as a whole. Analysis of the price of the property in Prague and the Czech Republic in relation to neighboring countries to the eu and the main host countries of the eu. Overall growth of property values in the countries of the eurozone. Analysis of property prices, apartments and houses on the edges of cities and the Czech Republic. Providing a business calculation profitability of real estate acquisition in the Czech Republic.