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Questions Of Belief

Dear Andrew: I got to see your blog and I confess that I envy the ability that know how to use the computer. For my part hardly write these emails not sure whether you received. I did not know how to make a comment to your blog. I am also interested in exchanging views with you. The truth is that we can share many ideas, but what the pope you spent.

I can believe in the existence of Jesus but not in the divinity of the Catholic Apostolic and Roman curia. You told me you know it cost you in the pomp of the hierarchy in Rome. They fear if they take advantage of people in order to serve the highest bidder who will guarantee its survival, I declare, this is my truth. I congratulate you on your birthday, enjoy your meal, spaghetti, no less beside the Eiffel Tower and fortune accompany marriage forever Greetings to Adriana, the two best wishes. Hope Hope: I tell you that until, roughly, 2002, I did not know anything about computers, and I now regret. I think we all have the capacity and opportunity to learn new things in our lives, but this in us, knowing we decide to understand. Moreover, if we always have our minds in business, all knowledge may enter it, and you have that quality.

For you would be nothing hard to understand the cyber affairs. If you like me to show you some things I offer on this subject. “I do not like using the term (teaching)” At the moment if you’re still using the mail as usual, you can be sure that it reached me. Do not worry if you can not make a comment on my blog, you can continue making them in this way until you can even open one for you. Hope you want to know that I think a lot, and this estimate is not going to decrease ever, despite the large differences we have, in matters of doctrine and ideology. We Catholics militants of the Catholic Church that quotation marks have some theological training, have a duty to impress upon the neophytes in the field, (not your case, course), what about the curia gross apostolic truth is not totally acceptable. We need to educate the faithful, not to feel fear when confronted with a deacon, priest or bishop, we must educate the congregation, to denounce know if any of them wants to make use of Catholic Christian doctrine, to put them fear . The church hierarchy, not to be on top of each other, is to differentiate the degree of commitment to ministry. The more you are in the Church, are engaged in service to others. I accept the doctrine of the Catholic Church, for love, not fear. And it is true that the opposite occurs, as in any human institution, but we (as I repeat I), we have an obligation to educate and raise our voice against it. I invite you to look for texts of a great theologian.