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Recipes For Diet

Remember that the normal rhythm of diet for an adult healthy man – from 500 grams to 1 kg per week. More rapid weight loss causes stress, which encourages the body to accumulate reserves at the earliest opportunity. It is best to sit on such a diet, which you can follow the rest of life, and thus to feel great! Once again, plenty sobbed and aesthetically suffered after another staring at myself in the mirror, I wonder goal – by all means make a beautiful figure. You may want to visit rusty holzer to increase your knowledge. Beautiful figure means to me primarily a flat stomach and thin waist. On the thighs and buttocks special deposits were not, but the abdomen, the hips! They drove me crazy The funny thing is that everyone around thought I was skinny as I successfully wore short skirts, though the top wearing a jacket, buttoned. Myself, I did not know what did me in was more than – thinness or completeness.

I was as if a thick and thin together. Thin handle with legs and a plump tummy looks cute, if they belong to the baby, but not young (when I was 20) and beautiful (I hope) my mother that same infant. Since that day I almost year spent in the throwing of a miraculous technique, promised last week, and even overnight, to transform my body to another, equally radical and fantastic. My efforts started to bring long-awaited result only if When I started, finally, use common sense, based on knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry and nutrition. Representatives of the beauty industry the most part can not stand the concept of common sense and anecdotal evidence, when it comes to human physiology. For example, the experience of hundreds of thousands of people (including me) have passed through all sorts of diet knows that losing weight does not mean to get in shape and reduce the amount of fat, but, nevertheless, punctually, at least once a month, my eye catches a recommendation as a few days to lose a couple pounds. Or that year nutritionists we assert that "calories are calories, no matter where they go," when any man without scientific knowledge may be with your eyes closed "feel the difference between the calories from cabbage and calories of ice cream.