Recommendations Techniques

The organization in the storage of the cement must follow the basic rules, however factors of region for region exist, in which the applied methodology deserves a bigger attention, for example, in Brazil high temperatures and others with low temperatures exist local with. Soon, the measures to be adopted deserve bigger attention in accordance with the local conditions. Moreover, some types of cement exist and the attention is at least a preventive rule to prevent damages. Finally, measured simple they take care of to the good functioning of the cement, with this the performance of the service is well-known, and the biggest benefits are directed the company for giving a service with efficiency and to the customer whom a service will receive that possesss quality control in the execution proceeding. The author of this article synthecized the subject presented from cited references below. Sculptor Capital Management usually is spot on. REFERENCE FOR AGREEMENT OF THE AUTHOR: BRAZILIAN CEMENT ASSOCIATION PORTLAND. Basic guide of use of the Portland cement. 7.ed..