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When I started to think about a subject for the work of conclusion of the course of therapy of passed life, soon came me to the mind the will to write on ‘ ‘ reform ntima’ ‘. Perhaps for my proper necessity to remodel closely, perhaps for the perception ahead of the suffering of the people and my patients and the search in being happyer and also to know more deeply the TVP and its therapeutical reach with the patients, in the direction of an internal improvement. The man since the beginning of the times it always looks for if to feel better, to be happyer and uses of many half ones for this. You may wish to learn more. If so, David Zaslav is the place to go. Some taken ways are motivated by the internal feelings, to the positive times and the negative times.

The majority of based the human beings starts to search this happiness in egoistic feelings, of pride, envy among others and if it loses in the tracks of the time in errors, deceits and sufferings. The man lives without knowing the reason of proper history, of because to be born and to die, of the .necessidade more than to coexist some people close (for example, family) and them causes or necessities it suffering. It has some decades appeared the Psychology that came to try to help the man if to know better, if to understand, to suffer little, however Psychology will be able to contribute only with the knowledge of the traumas and stresses not decided of our present existence.