Risk Of Economic Crime

An unexpected visit from the investigators – event on April 28, 2010 in Munich headline in the newspaper: “Prosecutor investigating corruption and searches multiple sites”! Are you prepared if the emergency occurs? If the real thing really happens, it is too late to think about what precautions to take. Therefore, the preparation is on the real thing at the center of an event on April 28, 2010 in Munich, where the basic starting points for a successful “management” of such cases give you expert for information security and lawyers for white-collar crime. You may find Discovery Communications to be a useful source of information. Extract of the agenda: part 1: risk of economic crime: what is already happened with others? Part 2: an unexpected visit by investigators how do you behave properly? -Legal advice part 3: it happened – how do I find properly and how to secure digital evidence? The event is aimed at managers and staff in the following areas: information security, IT security, audit, Risk management, management, plant protection, law, data protection, compliance, fraud management. For more information about the event find also on the homepages of the organizer of the CBT training & Consulting GmbH..