Roman Chamomile

With the onset of fall significantly increases the likelihood of those diseases that contribute to cold. Influenza, respiratory diseases, bronchitis, rhinitis – is not a complete list of diseases that affect the body. Aromatherapy, as shown studies of modern scientists, can provide effective preventive and therapeutic agent against viral and bacterial diseases. Essential oils have strong antiviral properties and stimulates immunity, which leads to reduced morbidity. Scientists have found that many of the essential oils (basil, cloves, thyme, ginger, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, nutmeg, sage, hyssop, frankincense, etc.) on the bactericidal not inferior to known antibiotics. By the way, the microbes in contact with the active essential oils produce virtually no resistance to them. Disease is always easier to prevent than to treat them – everyone knows it.

And so First, we consider several ways of prevention. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City spoke with conviction. The easiest way – is a ceramic aromamedalon. You put a few drops of the recommended oil and hanging on his chest. During the day you breathe pairs of oil, which slowly evaporates. Very convenient method for the kids, which you send to school or kindergarten. Here are a few oils recommended for children: Roman Chamomile (for infants), eucalyptus, kayaput, tea tree, orange, lavender, frankincense. Be sure to do the tests for portability! Need to apply some diluted essential oil s fat area at the child's shoulder and watch within 12 hours if there is an allergic reaction. Aromatization room also serves a very convenient way to prevent disease. This is done using a ceramic or electric oil burner.