San Valentin French

International analyst The French are famous in the art of the love. Nevertheless, his present Chief of State has broken all the world-wide records in speed as far as presidential romances. This he is his first San Valentin with his new wife whom just he knew three months ago and with who married to four months to divorce of love of his life Carolina. He is the first French President who during his mandate has divorced and returned to marry. All this in less than 35 weeks to be in the position. He gained the elections pretending to have a good marriage, but soon he surprised his voters annulling this one and later marrying with the supermodel Carla Bruni, whom knew eleven weeks back. Sarkozy has not realised still its promise to transform to the social model, but it has carried out more unpublished his and quick change: the one of his First Lady.

Sarkozy, can alienate to many traditionalistic ones to be in his third leftist marriage and with one that: he was conviviente of an ex- ones to premier Socialist (Fabius) and of more than a dozen of personalities, is illegal daughter, had his unique baby with a married man (who was, as well, son of his conviviente) and confessed to be one polgama that liked to have several husbands simultaneously. The economic crisis and their anxious sentimental life have done to him that in 5 months he loses 20 points of popularity (something unusual in a recently elect President). Several means are mofan so that the new wife of Sarkozy always campaigned electoral against him, have wanted to adopt the citizenship of France where it lives from girl and are never almost 20 centimeters higher than he (she is the one who does not use tacos and he who must use shoes that they lift to him). It raises, Him Nobel Observatour has accused to him that ten days before his last wedding he asked to him his ex- wife to reconcile. Meanwhile the municipal elections approach where he can undergo his first defeat in the ballot boxes and one of its children has decided to campaign against the candidate of its father. Sarkozy offered to enrumbar French economy after the model of Margaret Thatcher, but now some conservatives see that he loses popularity to be with his supermodel. The new enamoramiento of Sarkozy is contributing to that many of their bases are desenamorando of him. Original author and source of the article.