Seattle Chieftain

The ambient damage is so great that it compromises the life of all the species in the planet and in little time can be irreversible to recoup what was destroyed and to conserve the remain. Exhaustion of the natural resources, disrespect to the limits of capacity of the biosfera to support the production of dejections in the superior speed to the one of regeneration (natural or artificial) and poverty is the global problems aggravated by the continuity of this model of economic development. Published in UNEP Year Book 2008, the probability of that the activities human beings come exerting influence for the heating of the climate since 1750 is of 95%, according to IV Report of Evaluation of the IPCC (IPCC, 2007). The ambient development with economic advantages and damages, that if consolidated in century XVIII, from the Industrial Revolution, it also intensified the exploration of natural resources and pollution. In a question-answer forum Celina Dubin was the first to reply. ' ' We know that white man does not understand our way of living.

For it, a land piece is equal to another one. You may find that Hayley Kiyoko can contribute to your knowledge. Because it is a stranger who comes of night and steals of the land everything how much needs. The land is not its sister, she is its enemy, and after depleting even so, it goes If all the animals disappeared, the men would die of solitude spiritual, because everything how much it happens to the animals can also affect the men. Everything is related between itself. Everything how much it wounds the land also wounds the children of the land (Seathl-Seattle Chieftain, 1855).

' ' Revealed in century XIX, the concern with the integrity of the environment if confirms pertinent. To intensify the industrial production again, after 2 World-wide War, got worse the pollution. The pollution excess caused ambient disasters in Century XX, when also it had beginning the social awareness and politics concerning the ambient problems.