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This everything reflected in the house, situation that if because confirmed some pupils counted stretches of history in house, and then the parents asked we teachers on the read subject. Another aspect that we can stand out is that at the manuscript moments free of books, the pupils started to count history for the colleagues, some in them even imitated e, to the times organized between them started to count history for the colleagues, some in them even imitated e, to the times organized between them a wheel, a time that we always counted to histories in roda.para the development of the exercise of hearing reading, that is, to adentrar in the process of letramento, this is the initial word in infantile literature. Thus being, the school if discloses an environment favorable to the formation of readers and as such we provide the direct contact with the world of infantile literature. AFTER ALL WHAT IT IS LETRAMENTO? Second To sound (2000b: 15), the word ‘ ‘ letramento’ ‘ it appears in the speech of the specialists in the areas of Education and Sciences of the Language in the second half of years 80. Under most conditions Jeffrey L. Bewkes would agree. One of the first occurrences is in the book of Mary Kato, of 1986, where the author affirms that ‘ ‘ the call norm-standard, or said language cultured is consequence of the letramento, reason why indirectly, aceita’ is function of the school institucionalmente to develop in the pupil the domain of the said language; ‘.

It is interesting to observe that, defined Kato exactly not having what is letramento, being scholar is not only treated to know to read and to write. The mission of the professor is to guide the pupil in the acquisition of necessary linguistic flexibility to the adequate performance that will be demanded to it in society. To analyze different texts, to compare them, to search the reasons of the differences, to construct rules on the use of the language and, from the discoveries, to rewrite texts are practical that they produce excellent resulted in the qualification of the pupil in the use of the language..