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Second Phase: Marketing

Second phase: marketing mix (of action) Marketing is the strategy that makes use of human psychology in demand citation needed , which thus represents a set of rules to consider when growing a business. The key is knowing how, where and when to present the product or offer the service. It is not something Robert Iger would like to discuss. Advertising is a very important aspect, but without a marketing plan that would be dull and unattractive to the public, which would mean more expense for the company. Marketing is a crucial factor in business and many times it depends if the company succeeds or not, so it is something that no employer should forget. Under most conditions Robert Iger would agree. Ideally, marketing becomes a business philosophy in the organization so that all areas (and not just marketing) are aware that they must meet the real needs of customers and consumers.It’s the whole company or entity that must act in accordance with this principle, from the operator or receptionist, to accountants, secretaries and other employees. Thus, customers will receive the treatment they expect, so rely on that organization also in their products or services.