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If we consider the process in minirakurse, the story recalls the making as the U.S. state – a purely natural selection by filtering the population economic (market), and often even to physical methods of destruction of the local population, followed by rational use of natural resources, "liberated" from "local farmers". Fundamental development of advanced Western scholars of the past half century as the time and were aimed at implementing these ideas, but on a global scale. The outcomes of the practical actions were first formulated notorious Mr. Brzezinski, at one time holding the post of U.S. Secretary of State, further adjustments were performed and other world political and economic figures of the same level, for example, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. To represent the "globalization" of world economy, that is, elimination of the "bipolarity" of the world.

Russia, as one of the poles of the economy, significantly prevented this, aware that due to the location of natural features of its territories within the global economy, it may become uncompetitive. The main task then was to "turn on" Russia in the global economy, with her "countless" natural and territorial resources. In the first phase of the program was supposed to weaken Russia "dismembering" that is "away" from Russia and much of the area, respectively, of the natural resources, which inevitably led to the globalization of the economy in the world. Same fate, now much weakened, Russia then was determined by further disintegration of its territory on the grounds of national population, with corresponding "optimum" number.