SENP System As A Solution To Overcome The Crisis Of World Economy

Recall that the program senp is an independent economic system of the present existing world economy and its institutions. Consequently, its development and continued operation does not depend on the current situation in Economics (now serving) and is independent of the crises that are an integral component of the current (old) economic system, including the current global economic crisis. At the moment, no one there is an understanding out of the global crisis in the framework of the existing (old) economy. Claims that the issue of overcoming the crisis of the world economy is a new economic system – National Economic senp program. According to the author of senp level of economic development depends on the level produced by the current moment of liquid goods. Under the liquidity of the goods means goods produced in the current time, which is demanded by consumers (as in the current time). If the number of produced goods match the number of goods on the real needs of end users, it is 100% the level of the economy the current time.

At the moment 100% of the level of economic efficiency (KPD) in the economy is equal to 1, ie, the maximum value. If there is, for example, overproduction, it is not part of the goods sold. Overproduction is very dangerous for the economy, as the work only to the warehouse freezes the money and greatly increases the cost of current production of goods, making it uncompetitive. When overproduction Efficiency of the economy decreases rapidly, and not by a linear dependence.