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Seting Hawk

In Spain, one war of the same nature lasted three years more than, with pesadssimas losses human beings and materials, of both the sides. The Brazilian Communists and colleges student, these, anxious for entering in History as defenders of a cause, for they, joust and human being, had hurried themselves in classifying the Revolution of 31 of March as a reaction of the ruling class, intending to continue overwheling the work force and the peasants. However, in the History of Brazil, never he had a ruling class overwheling the others. Tinhamos, at the beginning of the decade of 60, we have as it today, a representative democracy, with direct elections, where the people chooses, exempts and conscientemete, its governing and representatives. The revolutionary reaction had, for immediate objective, to eliminate the threat of a socialism, distorted, that it predominated in the Europe, submitting populations of some countries to a regimen of penosas restrictions extremamante, also restrictions to the freedom and the free manifestation of thought. It was this regimen, mixed with a fascism equally deturpado.

that it threatened to install itself in Brazil, by means of a generalized crisis that if expanded under the command of the head of the Government, it knows God with whom interest. As Seting Hawk, in its book ‘ ‘ The Permanente’ Revolution; ‘ , ‘ ‘ paralizada for the imcompetncia and shaken for the clutter, the Nation dives in the perplexity, the confusion and angstia’ ‘. It happened that, with the resignation of President Jnio Picture, in 1961, assumed its vice one, Dr. Joo Goulart, openly likeable to the established communist regimen in the Soviica Union, that of scientific socialism only had the nickname. Therefore, the Congress imposed it a parlamentarista regimen, but, in 1963, a plebiscite returned the right to it to govern in presidentialist regimen.