Sick Economy

We must clearly understand that the modern economy in which profit at the top set, now dying before our eyes. Die it will be extremely painful, with very grave consequences. And the problem is that we must now come up with some new model. M. Khazin. (Interview with Michael Laitman) Fragments of an interview with the President of the Company expert advice 'Neocon' Michael Hazin newspaper 'Red Star' (interviewed Igor Yadykin) IY: L.

Michael, you are saying that the economy has come to loan the Day of Judgement. MH: Yes, it is. But the problem today situation, not even the fact that the world economy is bad. This is not news. Economy are ill at different times in different ways. In 2000, the U.S.

stock markets fell. And even earlier, in 1987, they also fell upon, but somewhat differently. One In short, the crises have been, are and will be. Nowhere on it does not go. And indeed, the mere existence of the crisis is not yet a reason to hold a tantrum. Crisis and crisis. Since it must be fought. The problem is that for a very long time on the planet was formed, lined up some economic model. And today, this model has come to its historical and technological finale. Roughly speaking, you build a house. Not even you and your great-great-grandfather. It lived his children, his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren. You now live in it. Then suddenly, in this house, something is wrong. Perhaps the tube begin to flow, maybe the roof.