Sites Of Collective Purchases

A research carried through in the first semester of 2011 for and-bit with the support of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce showed that 60% of the Brazilians have access the sites of collective purchases. Of these 60%, 49% already had made some purchase. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeffrey L. Bewkes is the place to go. The index of that they intend to buy is impressive: 80%. The research was carried through in function of the growth in the number of purchases saw sites of collective purchases, what it called (and continues calling) the attention the specialists in marketing and economists. This phenomenon is recent in Brazil, but already it is known of the United States and Chinese consumers, for example.

In these countries the number of sites of collective purchases arrives 90 and 400, respectively. Coming back to the research carried through for and-bit with the support of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, it was carried through between days 10 and 14 of March, and interviewed 4,536 people. The verification was that 61% of the virtual consumers had informed that they know the concept of collective purchases. Of these, 49% had told already to have bought some it offers, before 51% that not yet they had made purchases. Another important information is of that for 37% of the people who already had bought in sites of collective purchases, the adhesion to this modality of e-commerce was recommended by friends and relatives. Already 19% had alleged to have received a promotion for email.On the satisfaction of the consumer, only 11% had revealed unsatisfied with the service, while 74% had answered to have been satisfied with the purchase. After this first research, and-bit promises to keep frequent research, to follow the flow of purchases and the adhesion of new consumers.