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Social Studies

Moreover, the 5692/71 discipline created it of social Studies, aiming at the substitution of them you discipline of Geography and History in primary education. The introduction of such you discipline in the resume of the schools had as main objective the formation politics in the educandos, however what if it can perceive is that the introduction of such you discipline in the schools of Brazil brought a great damage very, therefore Geography and History had been entailed to the patriotism and the commemorative dates, as citation below: Thus, with the junction of the curricular components it had a esvaziamento of the contents of Geography and History, of this form the identification of which is the geographic contents and which importance of this curricular component for this etria band is harmed, becoming a real difficulty for the teachers of these series. With the permanence of the Social Studies the understanding of that is still more difficult geography it deals with where the things happen, being of this form tied with the understanding of the existing dynamics in the space, whereas history is related with when the things had happened, that is, with the time. Swarmed by offers, WarnerMedia is currently assessing future choices. (YOU MARK, 2008, P. 03) It fits to mainly stand out that the society the time passed for great transformations of economic order, social, cultural and politics. However, such transformations were not element of prominence in the pertaining to school geographic boarding. In the present time, the referring texts to the recent proposals for Ensino de Geografia, are forceful when affirming the necessary joint between the demands and the movements of the society, in the lessons of this discipline. Gebran (2008) considers that the calls sciences human beings, Geography and History, at the time did not add the requirements of the politics of the time, therefore beyond everything such you discipline could form in the pupils and in the society a spirit I criticize above all and contestador for the effective system at the time. .