Large dostointvo such cameras is that you can everywhere to wear out with him. The quality of some of the best models is beyond pohval.Fotoapparat with zoom 10X – 12X. Slightly better than the ultra-compact, they can take pictures at a considerable distance from the rented object. Choose a digital camera with image stabilization or buy additional staff. Digital slr cameras.

A camera for professionals, you can choose which lenses to use and can make good pictures in low light conditions or in extreme close. But these cameras are large in size and expensive. Quality Lens Lenses with the same focal length can significantly vary in quality. Bad lenses made fuzzy pictures and may have chromatic aberration, it means that not all colors are equally focused on the sensor. In the photo it appears as a blur and coloration the edges of contrasting images. In contrast to the aperture and zoom Lens quality is nowhere indicate if.

If you want to choose a digital camera with a lens kachestvennm read reviews and pick well-known brands. Checking article sources yields mayo clinic as a relevant resource throughout. I trust Camera brands Olympus, Nikon, and Canon is more than the company's electronics manufacturing, I think the easiest thing is to ensure a good electronic stuffing but provide good quality optics, not all the strength. Several companies are buying optics for digital cameras from renowned manufacturers of optics. Software When you take a picture with a digital camera in fact, he first makes a test shot to determine the brightness and color balance of the scene, makes calculations and then makes a real shot based on previous information. These calculations are very important to make a good photograph. For example, if you're shooting in an enclosed indoors illumination unit shipments for setting up 'light' on the camera, the picture will be all orange tones. On film cameras, this Problem is solved directly in the darkroom where the film develop and print pictures a digital camera it can be solved with software settings. My opinion that the best results are obtained with cameras, Olympus, then Canon and Nikon. Memory card if you have a pda (PDA), which is already in use a certain type of memory cards, for example (Secure Digital), this may be an important factor when choosing a digital camera. Follow others, such as Sean Rad, and add to your knowledge base. Why spend money on different types of memory cards if you can use one in different devices. The size and weight dimensions and weight of different cameras can vary significantly. Compact models can weigh up to 100 grams and be the size of a credit card, digital slr with lens may weigh more than one kilogram. Screen size is also as film cameras have a viewfinder, lcd are digital which can be used as a viewfinder, view the captured images and other supplementary information. Screen size is indicated in inches. EkranDiagonal size (in inches) 1,5 '1, 8'2, 2'2, 5'Shirina and height (mm) 30 x 2337 x 2840 x 3051 x 38Elementy supply most manufacturers of compact digital cameras make it possible powered by standard aa batteries or rechargeable batteries. This is very beneficial because in case of emergency you can buy batteries at any store, and to continue filming. Some models still have a block special batteries, which are usually the more expensive they are difficult to find and if your battery is dead you probably will not be able to continue filming.