Sony KDL

All control is transferred to the touch screen, where are all the menus and options. The very idea to control the camera, choosing a setting with your finger directly on the monitor, no doubt, is good – the process is so quick, but very entertaining. But, unfortunately, the speed reduces quite cumbersome grid menu and be bound by pre-intensify the sensitivity of the display: before he reacts to touch, to click on one of the two above-described buttons with the image of fingers. The package also included stylus Paint Pen, like a short, broad pen, it is possible to attach itself directly to the camera strap. Responsiveness management course he will not add, but deliver us from the need to constantly wipe the monitor, removing the fingerprints. lcd monitor in this model is very decent – three-inch (resolution of 230,400 pixels), with extended angles, showing 100% of the image; picture on it is played with good sharpness and contrast. In an era of advanced technology in our lives took the place of compact, inexpensive lcd tv Sony KDL-32S3000 – TVs. This panel of well-known manufacturing companies, including sony. Since plasma displays are digital, the screen flicker and very little change in the signal is virtually absent. The image on the lcd quality, nice and clean. When illuminated the room of 300 lux (normal light), low reflection lcd reduces the mirror effect. When viewing images with large areas of elevated the brightness of lcd TVs has no equal in clarity and brightness.