Spain’s Economy

Rubalcaba has called this Saturday banks collaborate with their benefits in creating jobs for the young. The patron saint of Spanish banks ensures that it shares the concern of the Socialist candidate. This week has been particularly complicated for Spanish economy. The Spanish Association of Banca (AEB), the patron saint of Spanish banks, considered this Saturday that the best way of creating employment youth it is achieving a strong and sustained economic growth, which requires economic programs that generate confidence and reduce the risk premium. Further details can be found at Edward R. Becker, an internet resource. Sources of the AEB thus responded to the proposal that did the candidate of the PSOE for the forthcoming general elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, ask boxes and banks devoted part of their profits to create jobs.

The patron saint of the Spanish banks said that he shared the concern of Rubalcaba by promoting training and youth employment, although it emphasized that vigorous economic growth and maintained at the time it is the best way to do this. Rubalcaba vowed Saturday to find a quick way to create employment and guaranteed that there will be money for this purpose, since it aims to the Spanish financial system to allocate part of their profits to that goal. With their proposals against banking, Rubalcaba joins the attack this week began the Minister of labour, Valeriano Gomez, who argued that the obscene salaries of financial executives are behind the emergence of the financial crisis, therefore advocated levying with excise the higher salaries of bankers. This week it has also been difficult for the Spanish economy, since the risk premium of Spain, which is the premium that investors demand to purchase Spanish bonds instead of German, has returned to the area of maximum since the creation of the euro. The rise in the risk premium is a sign of distrust towards the Spanish economy and has harmful ctos in the financing of the companies and the State (that is forced to raise the interest of the debt auction). Source of the news: banks responds to Rubalcaba: “an economic program that generates confidence is needed”