State Minas Gerais Products

Ana Carolina Barbosa Pear tree * Osvaldo Rodrigues Arajo * Mara Campolina ** Summary: This article has as purpose to carry through the espacializao of the occurrences of the accidents being involved the road transport of dangerous chemical products for the cities of the state of Minas Gerais, being possible to identify the places of bigger occurrence, types of accidents and types of involved products. Abstract: This article aims you achieve the spatial occurrence of accidents involving the transport of hazardous chemicals products you the cities of State Minas Gerais, making it possible you identify sites of highest incidence, types of accidents and types of products involved. Word key: Road transport, dangerous chemical products, espacializao. 1. PRESENTATION the economic development of a society it leads to the growth of the consumption of dangerous chemical products and the transport of the same ones, passing these activities to be basic for the growth and development of the societies, since such products supply the transformation industries, extrativistas industries, the civil construction, commerce, amongst other diverse branches of activities.