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State Unitary Enterprise

The most important and significant problem in Russia are the roads and railways. A large number of roads is in mountainous areas in the south and east of the country. The most dangerous for traffic are areas where possible rockslides, mudflows, landslides and avalanches. Analysis of the last ten years has shown that the time of closing the state and regional roads is up to 1500 hours or more per year. Every year on the roads of snow avalanches, debris flows and rockfalls killed by 200 to 500 people, is the collapse of the trains and vehicles. Our company deals with problems of engineering protection of roads and railways from the various geological phenomena.

Small cost operation, the possibility of the construction work at any time, without interruption of traffic, short term construction distinguish our products. Our products are cost savings for Compared with other types of structures such purposes (retaining walls, galleries, etc.). In this case, the guaranteed service life of our designs range from 30 to 50 years or more. Our company has set itself the real purpose and with confidence to overcome them, increasing their experience from object to object. We are pleased to work with smart people who are with the knowledge and professianalizmom approach to work. Certificate of admission to the types of work that affect the security of capital construction 0310-2009-6140023866-C from 23.12.2009g. Our zakazchikiFGU Department of Federal Roads in the Krasnodar Territory (Uprdor ‘Kuban’) PG CC “Krasnodaravtodor” branch “of the Office of road construction 417” Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Office of Special Construction of the territory of 4 for Spetzstroy Russia (Federal State Unitary Enterprise” USST-4) of ‘RZHD’OAO’ Red Polyana’OAO ‘Absheron DRSU’OOO’ Stroygazkonsalting’OOO ‘BTS-Gidrostroy’OOO’ Rose Farm “Company” EkoStroyServis is engaged in engineering protection against dangerous geological phenomena: 1. Landslide protection 2.

Protection against rockfall 3. Mudflow protection; 4. Protection against avalanches, 5. Bank stabilization; 6. Drilling in the mountains. Our company is the only one in Russia has: modern, unique equipment to protect against landslides, rockfalls, the necessary production facilities and highly qualified to perform complex engineering work on the design and survey before construction. Collaborate with academic research institutions allow us vnedryad new technologies and design solutions. Our products are used to ensure the safety of various technological and natural disasters, protection of bridges, roads, railways, gas pipelines, tunnels, residential buildings as well as to improve the safety of hydraulic structures (dams, canals, dams, hydropower plants). Our products have been tested in Europe and is widely used in European countries. We offer innovative, yet very economical and ecologically balanced way to strengthen and consolidate the slopes of the metal mesh, the protective barrier and anti-erosion mats. Ltd.