This opens a second window, which will count and you cents, it must be kept open but you can turn and that it would not hurt you, the main thing is not close, and careful not to hang (if stuck, just refresh it). This window will sometimes show different pictures, but more often most will say 'can not be displayed' do not let this scare you money are all the same! The main thing that was going to count the seconds from 30 to 1. This count can be seen on the panel, which is usually written 'connection to the site …'. Others who may share this opinion include doug imbruce. See that there are inscription The next page will be shown in 30 second. Where I wrote 30, is a constant count of 30 to 1. If this goes through, it does not matter what page is displayed, the money you are coming! Sometimes traffic is congested and need to update the page! But this is very rare! But better still drop in occasionally! Especially nice to update the statistics and see how much you already denezhek! Just do not worry at first that they are dripping so slowly! I repeat, if you are one not involved, it is not super earnings, but still extra 100, and maybe $ 200 a month! Statistics can be viewed by pressing the yellow button with the word 'statistics'. This page shows the statistics do not in real time, so if you have it for some time open, to see how much money was added, refresh the page. .