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Internal Medicine

It is prohibited to Miss someone without rejoice, forget his eyes, her laugh, everything because their roads are no longer hug, forgetting its past and pay for it with your present. It is prohibited to not try and understand people, thinking that their lives are worth more than yours, do not know that each has…

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Nervous Venezuela

Elixirs floral of Orchids without reported toxic events. hidroalcoholica solution in drops TO APPLY TOPICALLY. (DIGITOPUNTURA) Realised clinical studies. The floral essences of orchids like natural product, they have reported very good results by integral internacionalist general medicine doctors, in countries like Nervous Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras where they have been applied to patients with…

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This way this affirmation will become in fact, little by little side the results. (6) I am a true professional. A professional, does not exaggerate nor on sells a product or service, and always tries to secure and to conserve the confidence of the prospectus, so that this she buys, promising things that the product…

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River Segre

That coalition opposed by weapons and defeated the Earl Ramon Berenguer III el Grande de Barcelona in 1123 aided by the count of Poitiers. In that period the Catalans came even to besiege Orange (France). Is considered that you between the 11th and 13th centuries are He lived the period more fascinating and mysterious of…

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European Central Bank

EFE new series will be called Europe, in tribute to the character from Greek mythology who gave its name to our continent. They will have 3 new safety elements: the watermark portrait, hologram and the emerald green number. They will be introduced gradually over several years, starting with the $ 5 ticket in may 2013.…

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Wilfried Diesterheft Brehme

Art exhibition ‘Close’ from the 24.4 until going in Meerbusch whether it is art figurative or abstract topics thrives on the change of perspective. It creates distance to the Viewer on the one hand and is familiar in new, unfamiliar contexts. It runs on the other hand close topics and the artist. It deals with…

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