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Prince Toads

So today, we know the unconscious content that occur in symbolic form in the tale and its analysis. Who doesn’t know it, the tale of the frog Prince of the Brothers Grimm? A Golden Ball in the fountain is a young Princess and a frog is ready to help you. She promises him that sharing…

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The greatest treasures of the Earth in an exclusive SammlerEdition worldview and the world group present all UNESCO World Heritage sites in 24 volumes / volume 1: South America if our planet is colossal stone heads on Easter Island, Inca ruins in the Andes or the primeval iguanas in the Galapagos National Park full of…

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Character Is Fate

As the gods of the Earth were one of the oldest Sciences of the Earth is the study of the character of the body. In earliest times, as the gods of the Earth stayed, gave Samudrika these teachings in the East Asian region and Oannes in the Sumerian Empire. Mountains witness the erudition of these…

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